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Quote: Originally Posted by bu's mama Hey Kamilla - we're UUs too! * UU high five * I know I'll have fun once I'm there. I LOVE to sing there.
Hey everyone! I'm trying to get motivated to go out and clear off the 3 new inches of snow off the car. I have to go to church. I would probably wimp out and stay home because of the snow, but I have to sing. Not a solo or anything - but a small group. And we're UU's, so it's nothing fancy and professional sounding. Still not looking forward to the driving though. ~sigh~
The only thing I've gotten from Bobs is a mattress & boxspring. But that experience (customer service, delivery, price, etc.) was great. We also stop by Bob's "pit" occasionally to check out the clearance stuff. We'd definitely buy from Bob again, just haven't had the need/money/opportunity.
That sounds amazing! My mother took fencing in college, and I've always wanted to try it.
Dd started asking about a year ago and she still wants it. I just need to get around to finding a professional piercer who will do it. We have plenty of tattoo/piercing parlors that don't allow kids, and her pedi's office doesn't do piercing. She's 5.5 by the way, and she understands what a piercing is all about. Not just pretty jewelry - it's a HOLE in your body that never totally goes away, etc.
Praying for a safe reunion. I can't imagine what she's going through!
I've used them for... stuffed animals toiletries while traveling hair accessories stuffed animals off-season shoes, coats and sweaters legos, other tiny toys the cases for DVDs & CD's (which are all in a more space-saving binder)
That's so hard. I hope the next few months go by quickly and you're old smile is back again. Dental stuff sucks.
Happy 5th Birthday Luke!! (5 yr. olds rock!)
Quote: Originally Posted by Momily Here it's a requirement. There's a long list of conditions, strep, hand foot and mouth disease, fifth disease, pneumonia, scabies, lice etc . . . where we are obligated to send out a letter from the health department. At my school we don't post things, we send the note home with kids. Same with the school that dd attends. Occasionally we'll get a letter that says something like... Dear Parent, Please...
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