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Happy Birthday!!
To their faces, I usually say "Ma" and "Dad". To MIL, I would probably say, "Where's DH's dad?" though - not "Where's Dad?" DH calls my parents by their first names, because they never told him to do anything different. I think that's just what they prefer.
What major companies, chains or factories are based in your area? We've got: Lego Milton Bradley Hasbro Bryer's Icecream Friendly's Icecream Yankee Candle Oh - and Smith & Wesson ... others I can't think of right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by LionessMom The Flood of 2008 in Iowa
It may get worse if he senses that you're not having fun and that you're trying to pull away a bit. I was going to recommend something like what Embee said. Just return the "favor" - even if you're not enjoying it. Chances are, the big touch-fests will be shorter in the long run if you're more of an active participant. If it's more of a sensory thing and he just really needs ANY kind of skin contact, maybe you could look into doing other games that involve skin...
hostess gift for luau party? Free R.E.M. Ticket for Saturday in Atlanta GA
Dear Dr. Surgeon's Office: We are going to a steakhouse in Beverly Hills tonight...
9/11, of course... Challenger, Oklahoma bombing, Waco Texas, OJ Simpson Trial. I didn't watch the news much as a kid. Still don't.
ummmm... why does it BURN to have sex? I'm starting to hate my goats!
My MIL considers the word "fart" to be right up there with the other "F" word. To me, it's simply the word for passing gas; like "burp" is also a word for passing gas. When we visit the in-laws, I have to remind dd of the "never say fart" rule.
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