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Thanks! Same here. Our DD could care less about toys! like the dental floss idea - thanks!
Oh my gosh what GREAT ideas! Unfortunately we bought our seats months ago and didn't get her a seat. We will absolutely do that in the future! Thanks for the play ideas. She really hasn't played with most of those things, so they will be novel. Thanks!!
Hi, We are taking a 4 hour plane ride with our (almost) 1 year old, to celebrate her birthday with family. We traveled quite a bit with her as a younger infant, but now she is so ACTIVE. Any tips.....Please
Going against the grain, I think your note sounds gentle and to the point. Baby's R Us keeps your registry thru the 1st birthday for people to buy stuff. What that tells me is that is the societal norm. I think if they are going to get you a gift folks would rather get things you want rather than guessing. At the very least, they can look at your websites and try to get stuff like that from a local store. Unless you say no presents people are going to bring a...
we've had family babysit & they weren't successful using the Ergo. This is actually our 1st teenager babysitter experience. I can teach her and see if she is comfortable. We've never been able to sit/rock and help her to sleep. She is too busy. We can sometimes sit on an exercise ball with her in the ergo, but even then, she kicks and gets more active.
So, my 10 mo DD only goes down for naps using the Ergo. I wear her in the front, my husband wears her in the back. The problem is we are going to have baby sitters come care for her during the day so we can finish some remodel projects. I don't want to have to leave the project to get her down for a nap. At night my DH and I can feed her down in bed, but that doesn't work during the day. She goes non-stop until she falls asleep and even in the Ergo she fights...
My DD was worn constantly and was a fussy little one until she was able to sit up and crawl and play by herself. One other thing I wish I had known about sooner was "the Dunstan baby langauage" dvd. It was AMAZING! They have 5 'words' they come out saying and they can tell us what they need. My DD never burped as a tiny infant. I think she fussed because all that air made her tummy hurt. She loved to nurse and so we comforted her that way alot. It makes me sad to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crystal_R DD only wears a hat at the pool, but the only way I can keep it on is to tie it to the swimsuit straps instead of under her chin. Maybe you could tie to his shirt sleeves somehow? That is great! LOL!
I understand you don't want to use "medications" but if you do choose that route tylenol seems to work better than Motrin. I don't know why. My LO likes to chew on a wet washcloth. We haven't done the molars yet. My heart goes out to you~nothing is worse than when our LOs hurt.
Quote: Originally Posted by jocmommy Hi Everyone, Also, I can't get her to eat any real food. She's also stopped eating even jar baby food other than fruits - how do I get her to eat?!? Thanks for any advice! My DD was born Sept 2nd. She went thru a little food slow down too, where she just wanted fruit. After about a week or so her appetite picked back up. She is crawling like crazy, pulling up and just cruising a little. Jabbers a...
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