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She's my third, but by FAR the most difficult labor. Whew. I went into labor on Tuesday - water broke at 9am and I got SO excited! Waited for active contractions at about 9pm and then called the Doula and the MW to come on by. Contractions were really painful. Like, OMG painful. It never dawned on me to get into the tub or the shower, though, I needed to keep walking and even walked around the block...having contractions all the way. I even ended up doing the...
I'm still here. Rocking out at 41+1 (due date was 9/20) Things have been gradually progressing and I was at 5cm when I finally gave in and consented to an internal check yesterday - the suspense of not knowing if ANYTHING was happening made me cave in. Then I lost the mucus plug today and hopefully tomorrow we get some contraction action or water breakage. As long as there is some little bit of forward momentum each day, it keeps me from getting down and freaking...
Congrats!!!!!!!! I'm SO happy for you
Hope the pity party was a sleepover because I'm joining this morning! LOL I keep asking my DH if she's staying in there because she doesn't want me to be her mommy - which is so not usually how I think and I hate thinking sad thoughts like that. My first two were induced at 38 weeks on the dot, so being 41+1 is scaring me as well as making me second guess myself for the first two births that no seem like they were SO early. Good luck to you, mama!
WooHOO!! Congratulations!
Congrats!!! And that pic is BEAUTIFUL!
Super-huge fairy dust magic balls of good luck! And if you have any left over labor magic when you're done - send it MY way
I was just wondering how she was doing - I hope she checks in soon - my prayers are with her!
Still here. Due date 9/20 (yes, today LOL) - like four BH over the past two weeks and some cervical twinges. Part of me thinks this baby is going to be taking high school correspondence courses through my belly button LMAO!
I'm excited for you and hope you get through work and safely home with no one noticing you're leaking!!
New Posts  All Forums: