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We are moving to NYC (Brooklyn) within a year to be closer to DH's job. We currently live in the 'burbs of CT, hate it, and miss city life. We've been seriously looking at Park Slope and Windsor Terrace, and though we could afford the area, it's at the top of our budget. We recently came upon Bay Ridge and visited it this past weekend. The kids LOVED it. They loved Owl's Head Park and the neighborhood seemed very safe, family-friendly, yet as not as progressive thinking...
I just had my 3rd baby, a beautiful little boy, on July 14th. While pregnant, DH and I agreed we were DONE. And I was SO SURE of it too. Wasn't going to miss being pregnant, wasn't going to want anymore children--I was convinced this was it.   Well... the transistion from 2-3 has been much easier than expected... and even at just 16 days PP, I am already thinking,"...maybe just ONE more?". DH says he is DONE (Though he did change his mind recently on getting...
I am just wondering who else is having a scheduled c-section. This will be my first scheduled c-section, and I have no idea what to expect. I would love some support and input from other c/s mamas! Anyone?
20 week belly! Halfway there!    
I am pregnant with my third child, and I really want our breastfeeding relationship to succeed.   With my first child, we had issues in the beginning due to my very fast letdown and over supply. But we stuck it out and eventually my supply evened out and/or he got used to it, and we BF until just over 6 months. With my second child, I really wanted to BF longer, until she self-weaned, but that wasn't to be. Yet again, insanely fast...
IMO,  she may feel negatively towards her experience with pregnancy/childbirth/mothering in general. Just a thought. Dont let her get to you though.
Oh jeez. Some of these responses are ridiculous. It seems some think they are so perfect that they would NEVER react by yelling at another child, or their own, during a situation where you have seconds - or even less -  to react. It's easy to sit back and judge the situation when you are not in the moment and have time to stop and think rationally.   OP, I think you did nothing wrong.
This is my 3rd pregnancy and first time with an anterior placenta. I am worried about not feeling much movement too. In fact, at my 11 week appt we couldn't find the heartbeat.. I was petrified. I thought the baby was gone...  Then my MW did a quick ultrasound, and there the baby was kicking away!   I am curious to hear others' experiences.
Here I am at 11w 4d! I am finally starting to see a little belly!
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