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If you want to be sure enough, you can seek for help from your doctor. But your case indicates that your menstrual cycle is resuming. Usually, menstruation cycles resume around the time of introduction of solid foods or when the baby begins to sleep for longer stretches of four to six hours. Your cycles can't be predicted to be regular because every woman's body responds differently to the hormonal influences of breastfeeding. One thing is certain — consider yourself...
It is okay to give your kid only a taste of the foods you eat but not all. Starting solids is a major milestone in your baby's life and experts agree that he should be at least 6 months of age before you introduce "real" food. You may start introducing baby to solid foods as the reflex of pushing food outside the mouth with the tongue disappears, though you may delay it a bit if you are undergoing too much pressure of work or stress, so that you can be more patient...
Babies are really monsters of sleep. They can sleep for as long as 14 hrs. Your case must be a typical case like other moms. You just have to be patient. Keep on doing what your used to.
The vaccine I guess is still yet to discover but the mere fact that the disease has grown over the whole world, the best thing to do is to find other ways to prevent it from spreading. Much of this disease has brought great scare to everyone but actually, it can be prevented by proper handwashing, making our body healthy with so much of the Vitamins like VitaminC, enough sleep, and proper food diet. But the vaccine will add in the prevention of this. The World...
Set down laws and rules about fighting. Give them TIMEOUTS! No hitting! No shouting at them! Talking with them is the best thing to do! If they break these rules, you take away a privilege. If they follow them, you implement the reward system. Tell them that fighting is not an acceptable behavior in the house and you will not tolerate it. You may want to perform an analysis to see why they are fighting. Be a mediator to stop any possible sibling rivalries.
Daily jogging can be one. Or any aerobic dance will do. Doing these not only promote your kids motor skills but promoting exercise as well.
It is BEST to seek for a medical assistance from your OB Gynecologist right away. If it still progresses, it may cause premature delivery. Your contractions might be a sign of a premature contractions. Seek a registered doctor immediately so as not to compromise your baby's condition.
There is nothing to scare about. Vaccines' purpose intend to prevent the possible replication of the virus in case your kid might have a contact with persons who had swine flu. Nothing to scare. All you have to do is to make your child be supplemented with a lot of vitamin c to promote a good stamina and good fight against any sickness...
Galactosemia is a rare genetic metabolic disorder that affects an individual's ability to metabolize the sugar galactose properly.Galactosemia is sometimes confused with Lactose-Intolerance, but unlike lactose-intolerance, galactosemia is not something that someone can "grow out of." Ask your doctor for the confirmation of this. This might be false positive. Have a second opinion.
It is very rewarding and educational. Thus, it even promotes a strong bond with your kid.And it will even be more than just that. It will promote trust in you as a parent. Research says that reading bed time stories to your kids promotes good sleep for your kids.
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