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You are obviously a very thoughtful mother but I think that trying to have a conversation such as, "Why are you hitting" with a young child is an intellectual way of trying to handle a situation, but not the best way for someone so young. Just like when a young child asks "Why is the sky blue", they really don't want (or need) the factual scientific information, they are much more satisfied with a simple answer such as, "Because that is how god made it". Wanting your...
It is possible for you to consider a "sidecar" crib set-up for a while? (That's when you remove one side of the crib and keep it pushed up against your own bed so that your baby is sleeping next to you). It seems that this would give your older child more time to accept sharing so much of what has been just his and would also create a comforting atmosphere for your baby to get and stay to sleep at night.
I personally have always been put off by babies and small children with pierced ears. It seems to be an extreme (almost barbaric) way of pushing fashion trends onto children. Why do children need this? And why would the expressed desire of a youngster matter in the decision of whether or not to have there ears pierced. Parenting should not be about offering a child all of what they desire. If the three year old wanted to dye their hair a different color, would that be...
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