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Thank you
I lost my baby too. Partial molar pregnancy. Please remove my name from the list.
Planned, but we were very surprised it happened so fast! Past pregnancies took longer, and I'm still nursing round the clock, so. But we are thrilled. :)
I have an Angelsounds Doppler.
I'm 7w6d today and i found the heartbeat!! In past pregnancies ive found it this early as well. I'm so excited! I wish i could have gotten a video but i was using earphones, not speakers, and also, my phone is dead. like always. So I will try again later, when dh is home, and try get a video. EEE!!!
We had night leaks (day was fine) and frequent rashes with BGOS. I don't know why.
I did BGOS with my first, and Sunbabies and alvas with my second, and I actually liked the sunbabies and alvas better. Excellent quality for very little money. I'm gonna stash up on a few more once we know the sex. (not that I have a lack of cloth diapers over here. lol.)
I'm in Canada and they only do a 20 week scan here. I'm going to get it, just to be more informed for my homebirth (although I understand the frequency of misdiagnosis), and I also find it to be a major bonding moment. I feel a little disconnected pre-ultrasound.
My 4 yr old boy wants more babies too. Lots. lol. He loves when we go on big playdates or family events. So I definitely think that if I tell him he'll blab to someone that there's a baby in mommy's tummy lol. I want to wait at least a few more weeks...
Ooh I thought of a boy name. Asher. Funny that both names Ive come up with start with A.   To love mercy I think I like the spelling with no H. :)
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