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meko I hope it's nothing serious. :(
Ive started thinking about it, mainly because last pregnancy took me SO long to decide. And then it still changed last minute, after the birth. I'm kinda liking Aubrey for a girl. I had a boy name too but I forget already.
No nausea here. But so far it's been fruit for breakfast, chocolate type stuff for snacks, sandwhiches for lunch, and some kinda meat for dinner. Fish sticks really hit the spot the other day, as did salmon. Pasta sounds good too. I made sidekicks yesterday. That's not even really food but I was craving it. Icecream for dessert. Nomnomnom.
Homebirth here too. Hopefully waterbirth again like my second. New midwife this time, as my usual midwife took an abrupt leave of absence and not sure whether she'll return.
Only told a handful and I hope to keep it that way. In past pregnancies I told early and I got a few "oh, that's really early still" NON congratulations. I was not happy. But even regardless of that, I don't have that same urge to tell that I had in past pregnancies. Enjoying my own little secret I guess.
Still nursing my 17 mos DD. I feel like I'm drying up a bit though. I'm at peace with whatever happens, whether she weans, or keeps going through through and tandem nurse, or stop for a few months and start again after baby comes. Whatevs! :)
Hey cyclamen. I'm not in school, but I have considered the possibility that this is twins. I know it's really unlikely, as I'm not uber fertile and it doesn't run in my family. But I was BFing a lot when I conceived, and my betas have been high. I mean, I didn't even get blood draws, but I can tell from my tests they've progressed faster and earlier than ever, and I have had betas with past pregnancies and have the tests/pics from those tests to compare. I do know...
Hey guys. I'm joining too. I'm Susy. Due April 4th. This will be baby number 3. My son William is 4.5 and my daughter Rachel is 17 months. Happy to experience this journey together. :)
Nope, various places. She's had them on her upper arm and most recently, the sole of one foot... :/
What does this look like? It's kinda veiny like a stork bite (which sh eand my son both have/had). You can see there's a bit of it up by her thumb, even. THis is about the 3rd one I've noticed in a week. They go away within a couple days. What could it be?
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