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Nope, various places. She's had them on her upper arm and most recently, the sole of one foot... :/
What does this look like? It's kinda veiny like a stork bite (which sh eand my son both have/had). You can see there's a bit of it up by her thumb, even. THis is about the 3rd one I've noticed in a week. They go away within a couple days. What could it be?
Have you tried your local freecycle/craigslist? That's probably teh quickest and cheapest. I do have grains but I'm in canada so probably expensive to ship.
I just send a request. Sorry I haven't been too active in the chat thread though. For some reason I'm not geting the email notications of replies, even though I have it set to do so.
Haha thanks! I'm 5'9 so that's great if the boba fits taller women better.
I guess it depends who you ask. Ergo is up there among the catillacs of all carriers. But I know a lot of people who love their Boba.   This is not the g3. Either g2 or original, I forget.   The site I got it from is bippydiapers.com. Looks like they still have their sale on but I got the last one that was $65. She's also throwing in a free gift (I'm getting a pocket diaper, but there are 3 other options,) and if you find her hidden coupon code you can get 5% off.
Chalk another one up for dark chocolate. And I'm LOVING my homemade eggnog.
I was getting worse. My heart was racing and I felt out of breath and tired all the time. But I've been eating better lately and definitely feeling a lot better.
I'm really liking Amber for a girl right now. I also like Mallory but I don't like what it means. For boys, Corbin is top of my list, and DH really likes Landon (family name.) I like Emery too but I don't want  people to think I named him after emery boards lol.
So, I'm waaay up here in Canada but I managed to take part in some of your black friday shenanigans. I got this Boba for 65 bucks! That's a steal!
New Posts  All Forums: