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I've had some. Until yesterday they were just completely random. One here or there, especially after being active. Yesterday I walked for a long time, when I sat down I had at least 8 or 10 in a row. I had tons with DS. I timed them but never worried. Always very steady 4 or 5 min apart for weeks but didn't hurt. I guess I'm in for more of teh same.
I had about 2 months there between Ds weaning (well, he was still dry nursing for a bit!) and the new stuff coming in. Mine is still just clear too. When I was pg with DS it came in at 14 weeks so this was actually late for me lol. (20 weeks)
I'm stoked to babywear! I had a moby with my son but he spit up a lot in it. Maybe I did it wrong. I dunno. But now I'm armed with knowledge and determined to make it work.   I bought a ring sling recently to use with my son since other carries make a preggo have to pee lol. The hip carry is working.   I reeeally want a beco and a mei tei or boba.
All baby really needs is mamas arms and mamas milk. My son loved his swing but this time around I'm going to try just holding the kid more. Lotsa things I'm gonna do differently this time...
yay! We've got some solid bumps going on now!
Seriously, I'm way too lazy to make bottles in the night, and work extra hours to pay for sposies.  ;)
I told my midwife my plans yesterday and she laughed and said "of COURSE you do." Considering the previous appt we were talking about hypnobirthing and stuff, of which she's only attented 3 other births. She's definitely getting the picture of what a hippie I am. ;)   Oh! About encapsulation. A friend of mine does it and she said another option is to cut slivers and put them in the gel caps without dehydrating. I guess you would still have to freeze the caps. But if...
My BIL said I shouldn't homeschool because teasing is good for kids. They need to get teased in school so that they're prepared for the real world. I guess I better start teasing my 2 year old now, so he's ready for school!!   My MIL said I shouldn't homeschool because schools and churches are always teh first things established in a city, because they are needed. We've been doing it so long it's proof the system is working. And I'm going to want some time alone...
Everyone looks awesome! Playing massive catch-up here!!     10 weeks   11 weeks   12 weeks   13 weeks 14 weeks with my friend who was 17 weeks.   15 weeks   16 weeks   17 weeks   18 weeks. Ds had a fever so I stayed home from church. So no dress.    
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