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Everyone looks awesome! Playing massive catch-up here!!     10 weeks   11 weeks   12 weeks   13 weeks 14 weeks with my friend who was 17 weeks.   15 weeks   16 weeks   17 weeks   18 weeks. Ds had a fever so I stayed home from church. So no dress.    
Oh and I also heard less nutrients are lost if you dont' dehydrate it.
Lurking. I figured I'd encapsulate them, even picked up a dehydrator on freecycle. Then I heard taht you don't actually taste it in teh smoothies... And that seems like way less work... So I'm gonna do that. :)   I think tree planting and making prints and stuff are cool ideas too. :)
nvm. It makes no sense.
I'm in canada so things are different. She gave me a list of things to have on hand, like towels, cloths, peroxide, a big ziplock for the placenta, a net for if you poop in the tub. She brought all the medical type stuff, obviously.   There's not much for me to buy or get ready at all. I just have to talk to her about my plans, which we've done at both appts already. she's getting teh feel for what I want. I'm getting teh feel for what's "allowed" and when they...
If this is your first pregnancy it's half decently acurate. It WOULD probably only reach the belly button at 20 weeks, and not sooner. If this is your second it's much more likely that you'll feel it sooner and/or measure ahead. Mine just so happens to sit super far forward, such that I can feel it right away. Kinda scared my midwife about multples or something but nope. That's just where it was.
i remember! Congrats!
I want to know if this is true too. At first I was thinking encapsulation because I didn't want to taste it. But I see blogs about not tasting it even in fruit smoothies. So heck, if cutting and freezing is better for you I'll do that way. Save me time and money on encapsulation...    
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