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Anyone planning to consume their placenta in any way? I'm thinking of doing encapsulation... myself because it's too expensive to have it done. But I got a dehydrator off freecycle. I know you can use an oven, but... Also I think I'll need a metal steamer, right? And then off course gel caps. I'm debating buying the set up so the caps are easier to fill but no biggie.   Any tips, comments, questions? Share your thoughts!
My midwife never checked me, and I never asked. I did check myself but I put zero stock in it. It tells you next to nothing. Yes it might be more likely you'll go soon if you're starting to dilate. But many many women walk around for weeks slightly dilated and effaced. I really hate when women get their hopes up and then go overdue. And on the flip side, you can go from tightly closed to holding a baby that night. You never know. Baby will come when he's ready, I say....
I own one alvababy diaper which is similar to kawaii. It's snap pocket diaper. I got it for under 5 bucks shipped. Those AIOs look similar. I'd chose them over the first link which would need a cover. For my kid, he was over 10 kg by a year old.
I mean sleeper. Duh.
Thanks Janel! I'd call that a mermaid onesie lol.
Last time I wore my ugly and very old gigantic snowboarding jacket. Not flattering. This time I went to Motherhood and they were having a sale, 40% off already reduced items. I got a coat for 60 I think, like a peacoat. Really nice. Probably not warm enough for our winters but I'll just wear 3 sweaters and I'll be good lol. (It gets to minus 40 here)   I tried to find a pic for you but I can't. But it's long and really dark grey, almost black, has a hood, and one row...
Yeah I take the facts wiht a grain of salt just in case. A lot of these things are hard to prove, like abilities of the unborn baby. But if it's believable it's fun to believe lol.
Lol. Not gonna lie, I laughed at your praying for her. I mean, did you mention her name too? That's gutsy. :)   I'm glad you put your foot down though, as did I. It sounds like it helped us both. I am willing to let this friendship go. I've told them that, that I've apologized, what more do they want? They say they don't HAVE to be friends with me. But literally, the guy in this situation, he sexually abused me a few years back and I forgave him for that. He can't...
Yeah. I started it when I was pregnant wiht my last but we miscarried. So I think without me commenting to keep the thread going it died. :( I'm pregnant again so yay! And finally a reason for my clumsiness!
No. Nothing was resolved. They were treating me rudely at church too. Like I was babysitting and they dropped their kid off without telling me a thing about his needs... They stick their nose up at me. Also his mother made a rude comment about my babysitting ability (we were swamped!) I left her a stern (but not rude) voicemail about it, and I texted the couple that they can either be polite or find their own sunday babysitter. The next 2 sundays they were polite! But I...
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