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Yeah. I started it when I was pregnant wiht my last but we miscarried. So I think without me commenting to keep the thread going it died. :( I'm pregnant again so yay! And finally a reason for my clumsiness!
No. Nothing was resolved. They were treating me rudely at church too. Like I was babysitting and they dropped their kid off without telling me a thing about his needs... They stick their nose up at me. Also his mother made a rude comment about my babysitting ability (we were swamped!) I left her a stern (but not rude) voicemail about it, and I texted the couple that they can either be polite or find their own sunday babysitter. The next 2 sundays they were polite! But I...
Oh! And is your fibre digestable? I love nourished kitchen. They have a recipe for slow cook oatmeal. You let it soak overnight with alittle lemon juice or kefir, etc. It breaks down the fibre, and then you cook it in the morning. Nom.
I haven't researched this specifically for vbacs. But I do beleive that high fat dairy is good for you. (I read, specifically for fertility/conception.) You said you were getting healthy fats. Is dairy included? We love 3% milk. Seems so rampant, everyone wants low fat cheese and yogurt. Cut the chips, eat the high fat dairy!!! Mmm dairy... lol.
In general, fresh is better than packaged. I would go with the yogurt which has 2 types of probiotics. But KEFIR, if you can get your hands on some grains, has 30 types. And when it's fresh prepared at home, drank immediately, you get the maximum benefits. The most number possible of live bacteria (millions upon millions.) Not damaged by processing or additives. I swear by kefir. I used to have the crappiest immune system ever and now I hardly get sick. And the added...
We're a non vaxing family. In general I feel the risks are greater than the benefits. We're all pretty healthy here. I get a mild cold once or twice a year. I'm all about the probiotics and vit C, eating less sugar ... yahdi yadi yadi...
I'm feeling definite kicks. With DS I felt it at 14 weeks (even wiht an anterior placenta somehow) and this one I felt at 14.5 weeks. (I'm now 15.5) I feel him/her most when I sit down after having done something active like a run or cleaning. Best part of pregnancy!!
Haha yup. I did the pregnant school girl costume.
What do you mean, 0+12? I thought the shettles method you BD like 3 or 4 days before O and then stop... what's the 12?   Anyways. With DS I did have a moment of metalic taste but it didn't last. And IDidn't have it with my other 3 pgs....
I agree. Ask point blank.My friend went to her 20 weeks, they said serious heart defect. Come back in 1 week. So she did and they said nope, no defect, but come back in 7 weeks just in case. She goes back and the baby definitely has a defect. She and I both think they knew all along .... Tell them that unless they have good reason you're not going back.
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