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That sack is adorable!   I'm new to crochet. I've only ever made flowers for scrapbooking with. But I got the urge to make some headbands. My first one I guess my yarn was too thin. But the second is better.    
We don't have 12 week scans here. But I've gone for many emergency ones in all my pregnancies and I sit there terrified and  praying the whole time in teh waiting room.
I'm holding steady here at 15 weeks. WIth DS I'd gained some by now. But I've had a bit of morning sickness and wasn't thrilled with food for a few weeks there. I'm making up for it now though. ;) I was telling a friend today, one day I'll step on the scale and it'll be like, BAM, 8 lbs.
3 dozen BGOS 3.0's here. :) DS is still wearing them. I also bought 6 econobaby's i think? Newborn snap diapers. Gonna try my darnedest to EC though.
Every one of my symptoms are different. For starters my beta didn't rise near as fast as past pregnancies. I didn't have bleeding before AF was due this time, but I did have some random bleeding at 5.5 weeks... I'm def showing sooner, to be expected My boobs are killing me more and more each day, where last time I'm pretty sure they eased off by now. I had some nausea with this one. No serious headaches this time yet... No discharge! I had it bad in all 3 of...
Hi ladies. Can I jump in? I've been MIA for a bit. I took a forums/facebook break but I'm glad to be back. I hope everyone's pregnancy is going well. I'm almost 15 weeks and I felt my first kick 2 days ago. I had 2 friends staying with me all of last week and that was a ton of fun. She's 17 weeks, definite miracle baby, since she concieved naturally when her only hope was suposed to be IVF. I have mild infertility/ovulation issues so. We've been bonding... heh I've...
I'm 15 weeks tomorrow and I've had an obvious belly for a couple weeks. It's not too huge in the morning, though def rounded. Once I eat it's massive. I look about 4 weeks bigger than I did with DS1.
We found out with DS and never regretted it. But with my last pregnancy (which miscarried) they told us we couldn't find out anymore because people were aborting. So when I got pregnant this time I assumed the rule was the same. I got used to the idea of not finding out. So when they told us we COULD... well now we don't want to lol.
Yay, this thread! lol.   Ok question. My kefir grains have turned into a powdery mush lol. What the heck? They still function, but sheesh. Will they grow back into florettes or should I  get some grains back from friends I gave portions to?
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