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Good good.
I can't find it.
It's probably in the same clip. I'm looking. Mostly for myself but Ill post it also. lol.
I just realized 5:23 isnt' the math part but it is the "im the dean" part.
Here I found it, if anyone doens't know what I'm talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlHsG...eature=related Fastforward to 5:23
Oh and for the math thing. Didn't you ever see that episode of 3rd rock from teh sun, where Dick's girlfriend becomes the dean... So Dick's like "My girlfriend is the dean, the dean has power, mathamatically, *I* should have power. My girlfriend's the dean.... My girlfriend's the dean.... I'm the dean!!" LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by princesstutu Bad math. I've decided to stop putting negative things (things I don't want) behind the words "I am" b/c those are powerful words of creation and I don't want to create more of what I don't want. I know...woo woo. I can't help it...I'm all woo like that. Good idea! I'm gonna try that. Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie hey, that's what the cult is all...
DS is trying to break everythinbg in the house. Good thing it's almost bedtime.
Ok so another question. I'm in Canada so I've been looking into shipping costs. I punched in what I thought it would be, size and weight wise, and it's 11 dollars at the cheapest, plus tax, plus I guess the cost of those padded envelopes. That's gonna get close to 15 bucks on shipping probably! Do you think that makes this whole thing completely unfeasible? Any other ways you think I could send it? Maybe a regular size envelope and put the tampons inside a plastic bag?
I can submit to your subdomain if it includes those three things.
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