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Oh! I haven't been on here in MONTHS but popped in for a second. So glad that everything is going well for you! The last time that I was on, things weren't going well with your hubby situation and I was worried about you. I'm so happy that you and your precious baby girl are doing so good! She is darling!
I'm looking for a naturopathic doctor for my son? I've found contact info for one in athens and a few in atlanta but I do not know anything about them. Any information or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
As a person who has had previous issues with food/weight, please listen to me. If you are eating well - variety of fruits and veggies, adequate fat and protein - and are active - but not extreme - it does not matter what the scale says. Period. You should be focused solely on nutrition and the health of you and your baby, not weight gain. I know it is hard, especially when everyone and their brother thinks they should be able to comment on your weight while...
I don't know why, but I get really uncomfortable about DH grooming me down there when I'm pregnant. It is odd b/c we are so comfortable around each other. I've pretty much been letting mine go wild, but I agree with other posters' suggestions for a beard trimmer. Personally, I like mine mostly bare but I can't manage it when pregnant. My DD was a scheduled C/S and I wanted to have everything "prepped" down there before I went in. I somehow managed to shave it...
slsurface - that room looks sooo good. I love that shade of blue! eta: we don't have a nursery. We're moving in a few weeks and. . . the baby won't have a room.
What?! That is great news! You seem to have kept such a great attitude throughout this journey. I'm so happy that things are moving in the right direction. Lot of prayers and positive thoughts coming your way, mama.
Sean Mark Kyle George Keith
Awwww, y'all can all just move near me, then we'll have a little AP, Christian community. I know what you mean - people like to label others and form groups based on those labels. So, it can make it difficult when you feel like there isn't a label that fits you. (grrrr.... labels. are they ever totally accurate anyway? who is really that black and white? ) I'm stuck in a similar place, so I don't really have any advice, just wanted to add to the voices saying...
My 4 year old has food allergies along with extreme pickiness. He is currently getting very little nutrition and almost no protein. He will drink smoothies or "milkshakes" from Pediasure-type products, but I haven't been able to find one that is free of dairy and soy. Is there something I am missing? Any other ideas for sneaking in protein in smoothies or shakes?
*sigh* add me to the group. It has been going on for a couple of weeks but isn't horrible, yet. It was excrutiating with DD at the end, so I'm really nervous. My hips and tailbone hurt as well, so I desperately want to see a chiro before this gets unbearable. I gotta tell ya - this is not helping our almost nonexistent bedroom action, yk?
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