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Thank you for all you do, Tracy. <3  
I am so confused about what I want that I've decided to spend the time heading up to the 4th doing the purge I should have done before.   This is the 8th one I've done & is by far the most challenging. Hope mercury going direct clears some things up.  
I've been struggling with the issue of "stay or go" with my house as long as I've been in it, and it comes up every year on my map... I think this is my 8th one and I was so sure that this time there would be an airstream, "road schooling" and traveling.... but now the pics of gardens & patio spaces are calling to me... and I am sad to think of my house w/a "SOLD" sign, because it seems that is the only way that would happen for us. This is the only time I'll have by...
THANK YOU, TRACY!! Excited to be in for another year!   
Oh, Goody! My favorite part, when folks start sharing their TM's!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing, BelovedK
Hey, Mamas! I see congratulations are definitely in order for Jessica, and lots of happy, healthy pgs for leanbh, HeatherB... anyone else? It's been so long since I've been on MDC, checked in today for Treasure Map time and wanted to see how the Sept '07 mamas were doing. Ruby is so big now, she's finally getting rebellious & feisty like her big sis. She just weaned 5 weeks ago, and sleeps in her own bed! She loves it, too...she likes to talk about how big she is...
Quote: Originally Posted by saphire chakra: / correlating bagua square: Crown (violet) Spirituality, connectedness / Fame Brow (indigo) Intuition, (self)knowledge /Self cultivation Throat (blue) Communication, focus / Helpful People Heart (green)Love, compassion / Family & children Solar Plexus (yellow) Health, power / Wealth Sacral (orange)...
haha, yeah... many replies! Thanks for that link, we'll use it next time we're heading that way. We ended up staying at O'Bannon Woods St. Park in IN, it was great... but too far away from Louisville!
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