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title says it :)    i am ready to go into one size for my boys. where is the best place to sell my newborn stash.   thanks :) kelly
i had twins in september and we cannot afford daycare (more that i made a month) so i had to quit my job to stay home with the boys. we lost all of my income, but still have all of my bills plus medical bills.   i am going insane!  24 hrs a day my life revolves around crying, pooping, and crying. my mom is ill and cannot help like she had wanted and dh's mother is too busy being retired. my dh spends all day working and the evenings cooking, cleaning, and playing...
i'm with you! my boys are 5 weeks old and the last few nights are constant crying fests with all of us...i've actually said things like cry it out and cereal in the bottle and formula. they nurse for hours and are never satisfied.  i have a 3 year old too that i previously coslept with and she doesnt understand why i never come to bed anymore.   i am at my breaking point and would love to have a few hrs of uninterrupted sleep. one baby would be so easy, 2 is the...
hi moms, i have 4 week old twins (born at 35 weeks) and am so frustrated with our feeding so far. they are super gassy/colicky and will nurse forever at a time and then again about 2-2.5 hrs later. with lots of grunts, poots, tummy gurgles, and lots of crying. they seem to have a hard time getting a good latch and are gulpers. they seem to sleep better/longer when given a bottle of my ebm.   add to that i am exhausted and only getting about 2 hrs of sleep a day which...
we were in this same situation 2 months ago, finally had to break down and do the flea bomb. then vacuumed and steam cleaned everything. our whole house (we have carpet and hardwood) was covered, but i haven't seen any fleas since, not even tiny baby ones.   good luck, evidently i'm the only one they bite at my house, and my ankles still look horrible
i'm 22 wks with twins and my dr just ordered me to reduce my work hours, which i'm great with but.....   how do i pay bills on half a paycheck?   any advice is super welcome.
i started getting them last week right at 15 weeks. they are uncomfortable, but not exactly too painful. my dr didn't really make a deal out them and said it's too early, but that's what they are for sure. 
i am sooo copying your siggy!! i think i'm going to make it into a shirt for my hubby for father's day. i love it!!!  
good morning, i'm subbing from the november ddc as i'm technicall due nov 3rd...   when do you start to feel ok with shopping and planning for twins. i want to now, but i am fearful that i will lose one or both and then have all of this stuff.  i go in for another u/s next friday and am already so anxious about seeing both heartbeats again. it has been really hard for me to relax and not worry with this pregnancy.   thanks !
agree with above, "thinking of you in this hard time, please let me know if there is anything you need" would be a great help and comfort regardless of your beliefs! if they are your friends, then they would greatly appreciate any support you show (imo)    
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