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Hi!  It's been forever since I was active on Mothering, but here I am.  I have 3 kids: 11, 9, and 7.  I found out last week that we are being blessed again, due around July 15th.  This is my 6th pregnancy because after having my kids I carried as a surrogate twice.  My last pregnancy ended with severe pre-e due to a placenta issue and delivery was at 31 weeks via c-section.  I'm speaking to local providers about a VBAC, although I'm not living in a very VBAC friendly area...
Quote: Originally Posted by CNutty tell them that there is an elite community for people just as "Great" as them on the moon. They can have a whole civilization of heavily vaccinated, bottle fed, conservitive, Repulican children,... and we will never hear another word!!! ok... I crack myself up!!!! Ouch! All the breastfeeders I know are conservative republicans. Just like me. AP does not = democrat. I honeslty don't know a single more...
Quote: Originally Posted by MountainLaurel It only makes sense that denominations that are more *ahem* sensitive about bodily issues (e.g., nakedness is sinful, don't touch yourself down there, sex is for procreation only) would likewise be less-friendly toward breastfeeding. I've read stories on MDC about women whose family members were taught in church things like "If you breastfeed a girl, she'll become a lesbian." I would guess denominations...
I have always attended evangelical/charasmatic churches. When I lived in rural areas every mother breastfed and it was just normal. Slings were normal too. In bigger places it has always been accepted but not something you see everywhere. Now we live in Southern Cal. and every church we've tried is much less child and breastfeeding friendly than I'm used to. I'm not used to going to a church where it's expected that kids will be left in the nursery. At one we tried...
I weaned my 1st (and regreted doing so) but let my 2nd self wean. She weaned much earlier than I expected at 19 months, but I became pregnant and she started sleeping through the night in a seperate bed. She grew restless in our bed at night and was happier in her own space. I let her do it herself and I feel good about it even though I expected her to go longer.
I am 13 weeks. I am starting to feel better. More than nasea (sp?) I've been battling extreme fatigue. I'm starting to feel a bit more energetic though.
I've gained nothing so far, but I didn't gain in the 1st trimester with either of my other 2 either.
I knew for sure on both of my other kids before I even took the pregnancy test. This time I feel as strongly that it is a boy, but am having a bit of doubt along with that.
I'm sorry you are in such a tough spot. It doesn't make any sense for him to want to keep 2 apartments. The 2 bed 900 sq ft apartment we rented in Oceanside cost $1400+ a month and it was no where near the beach. I hope you are able to come to a comprimise for everyone's sake.
I knew I was preggo and the gender each time before I even took a test. I was right with my first 2. I think this is a boy.
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