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Great news!!!! Wow wonderful story!!
Has anyone done this? I've UP'd and still plan on UC'ing but wouldn't mind checking in with a midwife once before the birth.  How do you find a supportive midwife, especially so late (I'm due very soon!)
Also remember EDD's are only estimates and can easily be off by a few weeks either way.  Hope you had your baby by now though!
I'm not really interested in knowing how dilated I am - I recently read the article "the rule of 10" (search for it on google) and it was helpful!  When I was checked during labour I found it to be a distraction and I am not sure that checking myself would really be all that helpful.   
I think I get your point pers   I do not get vaccinated at all while pregnant and certainly did not rush out to get vaccinated even while I was pregnant during the H1N1 scare... Now I did have a m/c.  I don't know WHY I m/c, but had I got the H1N1 shot and m/c shortly afterward, I could have easily suspected that the shot might have been why I m/c.  But, I likely would have m/c anyway... since I m/c even w/o the shot.  The fact is, I really don't know why I m/c, and...
I agree that it doesn't really matter!  Some people would probably say yes and some would probably say no.  I really don't know what I would say - but it just really doesn't matter :)   I mean, having a midwife nearby could be a comfort to someone even if she likely won't do anything.  Having a hospital nearby, with no one in the other room, could be a comfort, too - but it's still "there" just in case.  Kinda different, maybe, but still :)
Good news!!!    Btw I thought my water broke with my first (I was leaking like crazy the day I believe my labour started), went in the next day and got checked and they said I wasn't even dilated.   They basically thought I was in false labour. My baby was born the next morning!  Not quite as long a wait but still!  Apparently my water "really" broke at the very end...
That's crazy about wanting you sign a form that says you know co-sleeping can be dangerous!  Yikes!  But who knows... maybe you'll help open their minds a bit! 
WOW!  I'm so glad things turned out well and it's always great to hear about such a supportive husband, too!
How many towels would you suggest for the birth?  We have a bunch but just trying to think if we should get more (just found someone selling them for a really good deal.) 
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