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I don't have any suggestions for you, but I am sorry that your sitter is leaving! It's so hard to find someone that is a good fit, and it sounds like you really cared about her.
Quote: Originally Posted by tessie You're very wrong. How so? Most mainstream babies do spend a lot of time on their backs, either sleeping or being contained in a reclined position. So to combat that, people push tummy time.
Sorry - I was typing on my phone and didn't mean to be so terse. Tummy time is so overrated, and I think it's because most mainstream parents have their babies either flat in a crib or a bucket seat or a swing or something and the babies never get to exercise their neck and stomach muscles. I think I did tummy time twice with DD1 and have never done it with DD2, but both were worn or held almost constantly.
IMO/IME, if you babywear, tummy time is so unnecessary.
We are big college football fans. We follow one team (Go Gators!) and only watch their games. Our TiVo has become our best friend during football season. We start watching the game about 45 minutes or so after it starts so that we have enough time recorded that we can fast forward through the commericals (our DDs are not allowed to watch TV with commericals). Although we're really into the game, we are both always parents first, which means that if we need to pause the...
He was the first 'big kid' she had ever really played with. He was so sweet to her!
MJW - Good to see you here! Your DD was so cute!! Hopefully we will see you at the end of the month! Jilian - You were the first MDC'er I ever met - we went to some park in Sarasota, and you were PG with your DS #2. I didn't think you would remember me!
Thanks so much for the offer! I am really trying to focus on my health this year, so I am going to work with my husband to arrange some 'me' time. Is there a track that you go to? I don't have any help with the kids, but maybe if I put Sophie on her bike and Nora in the Ergo I could at least get walking!!
Yeay - thanks Nickarola! I'm fine with it being a little disorganized (I am, myself) as long as the staff is caring and the kids are learning! Cool that you are a runner. I've always talked about starting, but haven't quite gotten there yet. I'm thinking about a Couch to 5K if I can figure out time with my DH so I can exercise.
Thanks mjw! And thanks for the reassuring words about IVMS - it's nice to hear. Registration starts on the 20th, so I am going to go ahead and register Sophie for K. She's never been in school before (or really, away from me before), but I think she will do ok - she's a pretty independent kid. 23 weeks - how exciting! Do you know what you are having? The fish emergency - one of them jumped ship on a suicide mission, and we had to do some rescue proceedures - good...
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