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DD's friend gave DD the first 2 episodes of Season 4. It's on her laptop but we connect it to the t.v. and watch it on the bigger screen. I really enjoyed the first episode. I was happy just watching them all again and loving the clothes and scenery and decor.  
We had a lovely dinner last night. We were given some matsutake mushroom. The matsutake were fresh off the forest floor, newly picked and delivered directly to us.  A friend from the west coast is in town and he stayed overnight with us. His family forages for matsutake every fall and they have their secret spots for finding them. He was very generous to share the bounty with us.    I made matsutake rice, maple-glazed salmon and broccoli.   Even DS and DD liked the...
I dislike the cheap goods fundraisers, although I'm always tempted by anything to do with reading, eg. Scholastic books and the magazine fundraisers. We have the catalogue for the magazine fundraiser sitting on the table right now. I said that I wasn't going to renew or buy any subscriptions this year. I have a number of reasons such as environmental concerns and cost and really, I don't need any magazines. But now I'm having trouble resisting the lure, lol! Luckily we are...
 I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. Just wanted to say that when a seemingly recent member complains about the "good old days", I figure she may have been here for a lot longer than it appears, using a different name. As others mentioned, there are good reasons why people have to change their handle and log-in. 
Our home was quiet for a good portion of the summer. Both dc were away at one point.   20 y.o. DS travelled through the midwest and northeastern U.S. on a tour with a couple of bands. It was less than 3 weeks, so they did lots of driving in a very short time. He saw parts of the U.S. that I've never seen (Madison, Indianopolis, Pittsburgh). He says it's the best trip he's ever done. One of the most gratifying incidents occurred at a show in New York City. DS plays in...
We haven't had an update thread in a long time. I would enjoy reading about what everyone did over the summer and what they have planned for the fall and winter. If your dc have started a new school year, how is it going so far? 
Thanks meemee . I hope your DD finds a chance to do something similar. You are correct, there are lots of opportunities out there. 
I missed your post earlier, and I'm just seeing it today. Hoping that things turn around soon and sending you best wishes. 
Yikes, it was scary reading your post. I'm glad it wasn't a stroke. 
I hope you all get healthy again soon.    We had homemade pizza tonight. I tried a new thin crust recipe and cooked them in our cast iron skillets. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. The crust was perfect.    We topped one pizza with pesto, smoked salmon, mascarpone cheese and olives.    The other had pesto, tomato, red onion, marinated artichoke hearts, olives, sun-dried tomato, and mozzarella. 
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