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The Copper IUD works great and is easy to have put in place and remove, just keep in mind you may have very, very heavy period with it.
Ohhhhh! The Bum-wear look like what I had in mind. I love the HH prints - but I'm not sure I want to go with pocket diapers until she's a little bigger. I'm worried that they wouldn't be really effective on holding in newborn poop. I will switch to pocket dipes once she's around 4 or 5 months - I did this with my youngest son and was really happy. Anymore links are appriciated! Thanks.
Hi there - I haven't been on the mothering boards in a long time, so I hope no one minds me posing a question. I knew if anyone out there could help me it was you ladies! I am looking for cute, girlie print diaper covers. I am a Mom to three boys and just found out I'm pregnant with a little girl and I want to get a few girlie looking covers. Can you point me to any sites? Thanks for your help!
Ideally, keeping calm shouldn’t equal stuffing down your feelings, (not to say it doesn’t ever) because if you do, eventually you’ll blow. The better method is to change your perspective and avoid the anger in the first place. The Easy to Love Difficult to Discipline book is all about how to change yourself so you don’t get angry so often in the first place. I’m not able to always change my perspective yet, but when I can it does help. Reminding myself, “This...
Omg that pictures is amazingly beautiful, as is your son. Please get a new doctor!
Balrog thanks for joining in on this thread - I really liked your point of adjusting your expectations.
Quote: 2. FIL's wife: "You are letting him SLEEP with you???!!!!! He's going to have serious psychological problems. He'll be confused about his identity!!"-- me: "You sleep with (FIL), are you confused about YOUR identity??" :
Take at easy on yourself. Yes, you made a mistake, but at least you know it was a mistake. Compliment yourself for that. You are in a transition period with a new baby. The older child is most likely jealous and is expressing his frustration and jealousy through hitting (I went through this with my middle child after the birth of my third). That doesn't make it okay and you definitely have to find a way to teach him an alternate way of getting Mom's attention,...
Quote: Originally Posted by karendrema One thing I would mention that I didn't have on my plan, but did get a chance to mention to the surgeon is a two-layer closure. That's an excellent point!
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