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I'm living in the bay area right now (going to midwifery school), but own a house in Sacramento and lived there much of my life.  With a kid, I'd look at Tahoe Park.  It's safe, relatively close to downtown and cheaper with TONS of awesome families.  Lots of homebirth families in that area.  Other family-friendly areas that are central include Med Center (bordering on a little more sketchy, but there are some great pockets and it's also close to downtown), South Land...
I have had similar issues.  We're two and a half months pp and we haven't gotten beyond third base :)  My son almost never sleeps unless he's physically touching someone.  We are on vacation right now with family and he did get one 45 minute nap in a baby swing at the rental house that made me think that a swing might be a good idea although we haven't been able to get him to do it again.
As a midwifery student, it was pretty rare that the midwives I worked with were given gifts.  I think what they did really appreciate was occasional updates on baby and the rest of the family.  It can feel like a bummer to be so involved for many months and then not, so birthday and other updates (with pictures!) were really treasured. 
While we plan to vaccinate I've heard our pedititrican (Tenney) in Oakland is open to no or alternative vaccine schedules.  She has yet to ask us about vaccination.  
We sidecarred our crib and he slept in it the first week, but since then I've realized that he sleeps much, much better if he stays next to me after nursing (the crib is now a glorified changing table).  We specifically bought a firm mattress for ourselves since we knew we'd be cosleeping, but I still think he rolls towards me where the mattress dips in next to me.  I've tried to counter that by rolling up flannel receiving blankets and tucking them next to his body to...
Two things... 1) A lot of people use tampons when swimming on their period which are a no-no with PP bleeding.  and 2) the bleeding PP has to do with a healing wound where the placenta came off the uterus, which in theory makes it more prone to infection.     I ended up asking my midwife yesterday and she said the conservative answer would be to wait until I'm done bleeding, but that she seriously doubts it would be a problem. 
I know this is an old post, but has anyone asked their midwife or doctor about swimming postpartum?  I'm a month pp tomorrow, and still spotting occasionally throughout the day but we were planning on going to a lake this weekend.  I'm tempted to just go for it, but I feel like my midwife is going to say it's a bad idea :)  
Sent you a PM!  
We both apprenticed with the same midwife for a short period of time right before she got licensed and I went off to nursing school :)  And she does have waterbirth experience (I think most midwives in the area will...).   
I've been to births with Jessica and found her to be an extremely skilled, sweet midwife. 
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