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I love his sweet blond hair. Congratulations.
Squee, another squishy boy!
That was a long wait.....but he looks like he was so worth it. He's absolutely adorable!
In my prayers. Congrats on your little girl.
What a cute little peanut!
 So beautiful!
Congats on your new LO.   I feel you on the afterpains. They are no fun at all!
My husband has caught two of our four kiddos. I didn't even occur to me to consider what position would be good for him. I figure I'm the one doing the hard work and everyone else can work around me! Your midwife should be able to direct and help your DH. Seriously, I wouldn't even let it enter my thoughts. Get in the position that is most comfortable for YOU.
home vaginal g5p4a1 waterbirth 40w3d 10lbs male
Baby Boy Alden (we still don't have a name) arrived yesterday at 7:45am. Labor was 18 hours from first twinge to last push. He weighs 10lbs even, is 21 3/4 inches long and has a 15 1/2 inch head.   Between his head size and his little hand resting up on his cheek, pushing was crazy intense. Only a little skid mark for me, surprisingly.
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