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Quote: Originally Posted by karmab fin's mom- a vibrating therm?!?! even more brilliant. then we'd ALL be taking vag temps! (did i say that outloud?) That was the funniest thing I read all day. I just spit my enchilada all over my laptop!
Quote: Originally Posted by kltroy As for rebuilding core muscles, I am a big fan of pilates. If there is any chance you have diastasis recti (a separating of the abdominal muscles) please don't do pilates. It will only make it worse. The best way to tell is to lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Place your hands just below and above your belly button. Slowly raise your head. If you feel a "gully" then you have...
I've gained between 40 and 50 lbs with each of my three pregnancies. My littlest baby was 8lbs 4oz (39 weeks) and my biggest was 9lbs 15oz (40 weeks). Never had any stretch marks on my belly. Just a few on my breasts. It has to be genetics since I did absolutely nothing special.
While you may believe birth is personal and private, in the moment you may actually want someone there. Since this is your first its really hard to tell what you will need when the time comes. Having a “guard dog” doula or very close friend ensures that either a. you will be left somewhat alone or b. you’ll have support should you decide you want it. Not to mention, feeling like you are the only one advocating for yourself may slow or completely stop labor. And...
Since you're concerned about people mistaking her for a boy maybe you should dress her in head-to-toe boy clothes. That's a sure fire way to get people to comment on your cute little girl!
Doctors are paid a fee for their service (FFS). The more invasive the procedure the bigger the reimbursement. IMO higher reimbursement encourages a high c-section rate. I wonder what the c-section rate would be if OBs were paid the same regardless of whether the delivery was vaginal or a section? I just can't help but believe that money is a big motivator. But of course, no doctor in his/her right mind would admit this.
Have you tried Finding Your Tribe? Seems like you could pinpoint a specific language/country that way.
What do I miss? A stomach that doesn't need to be wrangled into jeans and camouflaged by baggy shirts. Sweet blessed, uninterrupted sleep. Who knew you could function on 4 hours of sleep? Hot, steaming, fresh from the kitchen food. Not the kind you've had to reheat in the microwave three times only to end up eating it lukewarm (and dried out) anyway. But what do I love? Gooey kisses. Baby snuggles in the middle of the night. Seeing all the firsts: first smile, first...
Personally, I'd call CPS anonymously so you can maintain your relationship with the little girl and continue to help her. If they don't take appropriate action then I'd call the police. Thank you so much for being there for her. I grew up with foster sisters and know how heartbreaking the stories of abuse and abandonment can be. No matter how bad her family looks from the outside I'm sure it's worse from the inside. Please call now.
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