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Welcome to the world sweet babies!
  Some of the best advice I've encountered regarding kids innate curiosity around guns was on the blog of a mom with a number of boys and a husband who is a gun enthusiast. I can't remember the blog, but they told their boys if they ever found a gun they should:   1. Stop 2. Don't Touch 3. Tell an Adult 4. But if you really, really, really want to touch it let mom or dad know and they will help you touch it safely.   I think kids are inclined to pick up unlocked guns...
So adorable. I want to nom on her sweet baby cheeks!
If my kid was exposed to pertussis and I had even a slim chance of warding it off with abx, you better believe I'd do it in hot minute. Pertussis is no joke. Seriously.
  Any sqeem in particular. I'm definitely going to do some belly binding this time. I have a 1.5 finger width diastasis and am looking for anything that will help me close it post-partum.
This one seems to be the home birth kiddie pool of choice. If you read the reviews a good number of them are home birth moms. Since its over $25 it ships for free. The other thing you need is a water safe hose since normal garden hoses have a ton of nasty chemicals in them. 
  And that right there, totally out of line and prejudicial.  You're making a judgement about a group of people you know nothing about.
I've only ever used prefolds with bummis covers. After going through three kids the prefolds have disintegrated. The cheapest I've found are these. For about $100 you can get three dozen smalls and two dozen larges which will last from birth to potty training. You'll need covers which can vary from $ to $$$$.   My cousin really likes these. They are the cheapest one size pocket diapers I've seen. She's diapering twins and swears by them. You can get 24 covers and 48...
  Yeah, I'm just gonna quote myself here:   Seriously, its worth a call at least. Google it. There's at least one in your area.
Crisis pregnancy centers will usually do an ultrasound for free. I've had pregnant friends go just so they can get a free ultrasound and pic of their baby. It looks like there is at least one in your area. I'd call, explain the sitch and see if they'd do one for you.   If you're having these symptoms and not pregnant you need to see a doc ASAP.
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