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  I totally second swimming. I had horrible edema with my first because of a desk job. My feet looked awful and felt even worse. I could press my finger down and have huge pits 10 minutes later. My midwife told me to swim everyday. She explained that the pressure of the water forces your blood to circulate which allows your body to flush out the extra water. I lots 7 pounds of water in the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy just by gently moving around in the water.
Boy for us!   More importantly he looks healthy!
    I wanted to clarify what I mean by self-regulate. She is required to be in bed by 8 in the fall and 9 in the summer BUT we don't require that she go to sleep. As long as she is in bed, quiet and only has a dim light on she can stay up as late as she wants. Usually this translates into being awake for an additional half hour to hour. If I know she's really tired I will suggest she turn her light off and listen to music/story so she'll fall asleep sooner. But she's a...
    Because you're human and need downtime ?   I homeschool too. I've have 3 kids and one on the way. My day is non-stop. I do get "breaks" where they are playing or working but I still have an ear open and am usually taking care of stuff so its not really a break.   My kids are in their rooms at 8 during fall/winter and 9 during spring/summer. I love them, but I would loose my ever loving mind if they were up until I went to bed.   I don't think being a parent means...
Thank you Maman for sharing your story. I think young love is so difficult to navigate. Some of the worse decisions I've made were during my first "love". I was so blinded by emotion that I didn't make decisions that were in MY best interest. It's one of the things I really hope to protect my DD from.
20 weeks today!    This is all going so fast. It seems like just yesterday that I got my BFP.
Ah....the old old "matching" argument.   My husbands response, "I don't know what my dad's penis looks like and I don't care."   I think the best approach it to ask him why he would want to circ and then gently talk through those concerns. I think for a lot of men the idea of not circing their sons somehow sends a message that their own penis is somehow not ok. Silly, but true.   My DH and I just went through his concerns and talked it out. He was...
I'd be careful with the Shirley Temple movies. The ones that have African American characters are super racist. Think minstrel type caricatures. I don't mind having the discussion with my older kiddo but its definitely not something I want my littles to see.
I'm so sorry jodieann. I know this must be a sad and painful time for you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Thinking of you jodieann. Hoping the bleeding doesn't come back and the baby stays strong 
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