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Oh, and STIK, I think I love you!
I seriously want to gouge my eyes out right now. The:   RACISM     CLASSISM     and ABLEISM   are horrifying. You might want to get off your high horse and put yourself in someone else's shoes for a minute. Most of us are doing our best to put food on the table for our families. And no an apple with pesticides does not equal a cigarette .   You can pry the grocery store out of my cold dead hand!          
Dude, I know right!  Like I'm sitting here just thinking of the conversations this mom is having with her kids about why they are being excluded.  You just know these kids are going home crying and trying to figure out what they did wrong and how they can fit it.   OP, score a little sensitivity.  If these kids are that disruptive to your "utopia", then send your kids and their clique friends into your backyard.   But quite frankly, I think the new kids are better off not...
Have you thought of hiring a tutor to teach him penmanship?  It's a skill like any other.  Barring a learning disability, a good instructor should be able to teach him how to write.  I remember how sore my hand was the first few days at college.  I wasn't used to the amount of note taking and my hand muscles were sore from writing so much.  More practice and instruction in good technique should get him up to par.
I know right!  There are no words for the horror that puppy teeth on human nipples would be.  
Yeah, I'm going to second Stik.  Because you're starting from scratch I'm thinking you and your DH need to do some serious planning before you move there.  Check into zoning rules, price a well and a composting toilet, start researching how to build an actual home.  Starting a homestead from the ground up is no joke.  People "back in the day" had some mad homesteading skills in place before they took off to the prairie.  If I was in your shoes, I'd want the home, water...
Greenlea, you are a bigger woman than I am.  Good for you for sucking it up and enduring this monstrosity of a shower.   So, what did the bride think?    
I think this is really key.  If I were in your position OP, I would pay off every debt you currently have (student loans, vehicle loans, credit cards, etc.) and then start living off your DH income while saving yours.   Like a lot of the previous posters we buy used or discounted for almost everything, try to keep our grocery budget down, own older vehicles, eat (mostly) at home, don't take vacations, etc.  I don't feel like these things are big sacrifices.  In fact, its...
Well of course she is.  Whatever do you expect people to drink with their heavy Polish food?  Light beer of course!  I just can't imagine drinking a "heavy" amber whilst eating sausage and kraut and wearing my bonnet.
DDCC   I just peed myself a little bit at your sheer awesomeness.  Seriously, so much more entertaining spiritual than a dolphin assisted birth.
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