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We don't know the sex--and didn't with our first baby either. I got so much yellow and green, and cant really stand to look at it again. This time I bought a lot of orange, red, white, and brown. I got a lot of gender specific hats and socks to add to the outfits when we know what the little one is! I also have a shopping cart set to go on-line with boy and girl clothes in it--I will delete one or the other and hit send after the baby is born. Not that it really matters...
I had a binder for after my c-section and I loved the support it gave me. I am planning a VBAC this time--I bought a medela (sp?) brand binder which only came in S/M or L/XL. I bough the L/XL and have some Velcro to adjust it if I need too.
Previous poster--how much tea do you use to make a pitcher?
How much EPO do you plan to take?
OkiMom--I have found that vitamin B12 complex is a fantastic mood lifter! Have you thought of having your placenta encapsulated? That is also great for preventing the baby blues.   Now I am looking at Gentle Birth rather than Dr. Christophers--has anyone used Gentle Birth?
Not sleeping well at all during the night--but I have no porblem taking a long nap during the afternoon.
I started drinking the tea last week--one or two cups at night. I do notice BH contractions after I drink the tea. I actually didnt know you can get it in pill form--this might be a better option than drinking all that tea since I wanted to increase the amount closer to my DD.
I had not gained any for the first 20 something weeks, and then put on 18 pounds in the past 8  weeks-the bulk of which seems to be in my boobs:)  I feel super guilty that I have no motivation to exercise. I have some yoga tapes and running shoes collecting dust. However, doing grocery shopping, vacuuming, and chasing around a two year old does feel like cardio these days! I am telling myself that I am going to begin a decent yoga and swimming routine in the next few...
I believe it is completely appropriate to have respectful conversations about the type of toys my family uses and appreciates. Why would anyone want someone to waste tons of money on stuff that is just going to get tossed out?? If you cant be honest with your parents, who can you be honest with? I would never be downright rude when opening a gift--I will certainly teach my children to say thank you and be grateful--but respectfully sharing your beliefs on toys and play...
We prefer toys that are not plastic and don't require batteries as well--my side of the family understands and usually buys things that we like. We have a pretty small house so any toys that I bring into it need to be something that I don't mind looking at! As for my in-laws I have tried subtly hinting, sending them catalogs, and at times being very honest--like the other day when they said they wanted to buy my two year old a TV FOR HER ROOM--not going to happen!...
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