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I grew up in this area and would also be happy to answer questions.  Let us know where the job is and we can steer you in the right direction.  You may also want to check out the north eastern section of the valley (forks township) as there is still some farming land up there, but it is being taken over by subdivisions.  
two months and this person has had no new posts.  guess it really was just promotion.  
So it's only December and my poor little girl is sick with a light fever and in bed.  She's always been so healthy but this is the second time this season she's been ill.   What do you give your children to keep them from getting sick or even while they are sick?  Short of the standard clear fluids, BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, and Toast), etc. and healthy foods when they are well.  Do you make any magical "healing tonics"?
Hugs.  Nothing to say other than I know what it is like to despise the other's "life dream" business.  Same situation here.   Dedicates his entire time to it all the while claiming he's doing it for us.  Well, sorry sir, but you're losing us because of it.
I totally understand what you are going through and have had the exact same urges.  For me, it totally stemmed from being overwhelmed, with little sleep, and a hearty dose of PPD.  I did try to self-medicate and it didn't help.  Eventually went on Zoloft which did help, but for me time passing and my DD aging helped the most.  I never did get the outside help or support from DH, but when DD was 20 months we started daycare 3 mornings a week which gave me some time to...
Anyone have a favorite pediatric chiropractor in the Allentown area?  My little girl is 2.5 and I'd like to start her up regularly.   Thanks!
  Seems like you should have been in Boulder for a few months now, but you can't avoid the crunchy types there.  I stayed in Denver for the summer and ran into crunchy moms EVERYWHERE.  As far as groups go, though, not so sure.  But do start asking around if you haven't found them yet.  I saw lots of cloth diapers, amber necklaces, etc. and those are usually good signs.
You might want to try the EcoMoms group on Meetup.com.  They have a large "crunchy" contingency.  ;)  Otherwise, try a LLL meeting.  Lots of great moms there.
I know what you're going through right now really su*ks, but your strength is inspirational.  Thanks for sharing with us.
I work part time from home and so during nap time and bedtime I'm on the computer.  I had to find something to fit in while 2.5 DD is awake.  What has been working for me is biking.  DD does not like to sit still, so stroller walks aren't for us.  DD knows that somewhere along the biking route we'll stop at a playground for a little while and that seems to help.  I originally had a bike seat added on to the back of my bike, but I found it a hassle.  Too difficult to...
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