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But the thing is, most of all of my friends DO have kids...except for maybe one or two.  Those with kids are either SAHM's or work full time like me.  I feel isolated and really low for not being included on certain things or heck, to even be thought of would be nice...even if I can't make it!  
DS#1 will be 6 in January and he's still an avid thumb sucker and we are trying hard to help him break the habit, but can't come up with good ideas that are sticking.  Any suggestions at all??
It dawned on me last week, as I'm making plans for a playdate coming up in a couple of weeks, that I never get invited anywhere.  No one ever calls me to do anything.  I'm always the one making the plans - whether it's a playdate, a girl's night out, going shopping, etc., and to be quite honest, I'm getting sick of it.  I've decided to take a break from it all and if people want to see me, they know where I am and how to contact me.    Part of me is super frustrated...
Well, I shouldn't really say "no one".  I do have my Mom, I guess and my DH (of course) and a couple of friends but I feel like everything I say is just a repeat of what I've said before.  I hardly talk personal stuff with people I work with because I get the idea that they really don't care.  I have a lot on my mind that I need to share with someone - get it off of my chest - but that person isn't there.  Do I need to look at seeing a therapist?  I've tried writing in a...
I just ordered it and it should be arriving Wednesday. I'm super pumped to give it a try since she really helped me lose all of my baby weight and more when I was doing her 30 day shred this time last year.  Great motiviator.  I started running after that DVD and now I'm spinning and well, doing both. I'm just looking for something to switch it up a bit especially with a DH that travels and I'm not always able to get to the gym when he's out of town.    Has anyone...
I've been thinking about doing one for quite some time now just to help with my recent bloating issues and to start over fresh.  I feel extremely gross when I'm bloated and it makes my midsection look horrible.  Any recommendations, ideas, suggetions that I should be aware of?   Thanks!
I work out pretty regularly and my diet is pretty good. I try to stick to a low carb plan.  In the past month, I've been attending spinning classes, an aerobics class and run on occassion, too.  I'm training for a half marathon on December.  Anyhow, I've noticed that my weight has gone up from 129 to 134.  I thought maybe it was water retention, so I cut back on my sodium intake, drank a ton of water and checked back in two weeks and it was still the same.  Could it...
I will have to look for the waterproof books.  DS2 loves bath time and that would be a great addition to his 'water play'.
I agree and you would think so.  I'm just not sure how to find it.  
No ideas?  Really????
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