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He does like chewing on spoons and really always has since he's been eating solid food. I'll give that a try.     
DS2 is 13 months and will sit in his highchair initially when it's meal time, but especially at dinner, when DH and I sit down with our meals, he starts fussing, wanting what we have and really isn't content until he's either tried what we've had or he's been taken out of his highchair and walks around we place food on the table and he takes it....sort of walking and snacking.  Is this is a bad habit to start?  Should we get rid of the highchair and offer him a booster...
We bought one from Home Depot yesterday and yes....TOTALLY worth the money. I could see a change in my floors immediately after using it.  Best purchase in quite a while!
Looks like we're getting a steam mop!!!
What is tto?  
I know it's not 'green' at all, but we've always used the Swiffer mop but I'm finding that it's just not cutting it any more and would like to try something new.  Preferably something that doesn't involve a ton of chemicals but will get my wood floors clean and actually shine!!
DS1 was never like this.  Maybe DS2 is showing off or is this what the younger siblings tend to do?  He climbs on everything. The stair case, in to cupboards, the kitchen chairs, the dining chairs, the couches, in to the tub and out...oh and he's learned out to open the sliding screen door that has no lock but has a tiny hole in the screen that he can get his little hand in to and slide the door open!!!  I re-direct as much as possible but is there anything else that I...
And I'm in need of one before we leave for FL in two weeks!  I'm branching out from a one piece to a tankini this year and I need some recommendations.  If you've bought online, where did you buy and which site did you find was really 'true to size'?  How much did you pay and what would you consider a reasonable price for a new suit?  If you have pics of the suit, I'd love to see it.  Also, I'm not big on florals, just basic prints but pretty colors. 
Thanks for all of the suggestions!  Very helpful!
And that's what they do at my DS's daycare. I just need to be more dilligent on the weekends about when we travel out of the home...there's no need to take it everywhere.
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