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Wow, great stuff, mama! Your paintings have certainly inspired me to do some still life drawings/paintings! Thank you.
This is totally what I need to start doing!  DS1 is 5 and has a blankie but also sucks his thumb. I think if the blankie were left at home, he wouldn't suck his thumb so much???  I'm not sure. But I'm definitely going to give 'leaving the blankie home" a try.  It was in the wash/laundry for two days and he did just fine without it...so I don't see it being a big problem. But what about DC.  Should he still be able to take it there?   DS2 isn't attached to anything,...
I love to paint. It relaxes me....I've made stuff for the kids bathroom recently that came out really cute and DS1 loves them, but I would like to take it up a notch and maybe start making stuff for our bedroom, bathroom and the living room.   I see stuff at local stores like Home Goods, Marshall's that I know I could totally do at home and it would be something that I made...and didn't spend a fortune on!    So, what sort of things inspire you to paint?  Do you...
I'm looking for either new or used and relatively cheap because if I find that I'm not good at this, then I would like to be able to re-sell it.  But I've got the bug and I want to give it a try.  I'm fairly creative/artsy - I love art, love to paint and make stuff for the kids.  Any ideas, suggestions would be great.   Thanks!
We use ours at least two or three times a week with the dogs having accidents, tracking in dirt, etc.,  I'm a huge fan of Bacout.  Not only does it clean well, it gets rid of the urine smell and of course, boiling hot water helps as well. 
I always got a little something growing up.  A stuffed animal, a new pair of earrings or a necklace and some candy. I extend the same to our kids with some fun cookies or candy - this year, we'll probably make something at home - a card and maybe a small toy.  $10 total..if that.
Well, I called yesterday and didn't mention anything about the shadowing...why? I have no clue. I was super nervous.  But just asked in general how things were going.  He said that they had a few more interviews lined up, that I would definitely know something this week and thanked me for calling.   Sooooooo...should I touch base on Thursday or Friday??
 really?  wow.  I'll try that tonight.  Today they aren't so bad..but still there.  Thanks!
I had my upper lip waxed on Saturday - something that I will never, ever do again and now I've got red bumps.. like little tiny pimples that are annoying me.  How do I get rid of them??
 Thank you for your ideas.    I think a lot of stems from the fact that I'm at a dead end job that I'm desparately trying to move out of and on to something better that it's draining my 'fun' emotion, if you will.  I eye roll just about everything that is asked of me to do here - not in front of them, of course - because it's so beneath me and I'm burnt out.    I do workout - 2 to 3 days a week and that has been my alone time and by the time I get home, it's dinner, bath...
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