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I'm swamped at work and at the same time trying to look for something new.  My YDS had back to back ear infections a few weeks back and that stressed me out, my ODS has a tendency to really push my buttons by talking back, not listening to me the first time, disobeying instructions practically on purpose.  DH and I haven't been out together in weeks because he's been sick, or I've been sick, or we had a birthday party at the house, he had work plans, etc.,...
I had a 2nd interview last Wednesday for a job that I really, really want!  At the end of that interview, they said that they wanted to have me come in and shadow a 1/2 day but I haven't heard anything.  The last two days, in our city, it's been really nasty weather and practically everyone was shut down.  This company is a small, local coffee company and I'm sure it affected their business as well.    DH thinks that by Monday, at the earliest, I should I...
I agree. We're doing the same for our 5 year old.  Where we live, there is an indoor ice rink that DH is taking him on.  He had his first lesson a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it!
Has a close friend of yours or someone that you know well ever competed for the same position or really to work at the same company?  My BFF, who is also looking for something new, told me the other day that she's been called in for an interview at the same company that I was just at on Wednesday for my 2nd interview.  The position that she's going for was something that they had mentioned to me during my interview that they felt I might be a good fit for as well.  The...
Very cool and very interesting. Thanks for sharing, mama!!
My 5yo gets really bad dry skin during the Winter, and this Winter, it seems to be the worse thus far.  We've used Aveeno, Eucerin, Vaseline, Jergens Ultra Healing.   Nothing seems to be working.   Give me your best, healing lotion!  Something that I can pick up at either WF or Target.  Thanks!
And they are.  They want me to come back and do a 1/2 day to see if I like the environment or not and well, the work, too, that I would be doing.  LONG 2nd interview, though. Over an hour.  It was crazy. I was sweating when I left - not that anyone could see. ;)
I had to call and reschedule one that I had this afternoon because I woke up at 1am very, very sick and didn't get to my current job until 10:30am...which they were cool with.  I hated to call and reschedule but they were very understanding and I'm going to see them in the morning along with another over my lunch hour.    On Wednesday, I have my 2nd interview and DH is afraid because of the nature of the job, the company that it's with (small, local coffee company...
An Action Baby Carrier is higher and it's probably the least expensive out of all of the SSC's out there.  I've had mine since DS was 3 months old and he's 10.5months, 22lbs and I can still wear him hours on end.  http://www.actionbabycarriers.com/
We do a lot of steamed veggie mixes - corn, peas, green beans, broccoli and add olive oil and garlic powder to taste.  Also, rice and packaged noodles are a huge hit with my 5yo.  We also do sweet potatoe fries on occassion.  I found some really yummy ones at WF in the frozen foods section. 
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