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Well, I ended up buying myself TWO pairs of shoes last week that were $28 for both!!  One pair was 50% off and the other 70%!  They are summer/spring shoes.  The fact that I found two pairs of shoes at a great price and I had lost weight....it was like a double whammy!!   It was a good week. ;)
I stepped on the scale this morning and noticed that I've lost another 8lbs in two months.  I haven't changed anything in my diet but have been doing a bit more cardio, so maybe that's why I've lost the weight.   But I've been having a crappy week with my work and thought I'd treat myself to a new pair of shoes today (I have a gift card to a local shoe store that I got for Christmas, so it's not like it's any money coming from my account, but I haven't bought myself new...
Thank you. I really needed to see something like this.  What you've said hit home and I will do my best to give what you're doing a try!!!  Many, many hugs to you for what you keep on doing each day.  You're an incredible woman.  
  AMEN!  You're being a good role model for your LO's by eating healthy and exercising.  If they see you do it, then hopefully they'll follow suite.  The bedroom is alive again since I've been working out and eating right. I've got more energy, feeling better about my appearance and DH notices. ;)  My ODS encourages both DH and I when we're exercising or going to the gym.  He likes to workout, too - run around the house, lift my 5lb dumb bells..things like this.   
I know that ear infections come and go but DS (10.5 months) had a double ear infection about a month ago.  He took an antibiotic for that and it went away.  Two weeks later, he gets another one.  Is it mainly stemmed from teething?  He's about to cut teeth on the top - you can see the white through the gum.  I just feel awful for the little guy!!  I pray that tubes are to never become involved, but when should I start to worry about the frequency of the ear infections??
I totally get what you're saying.  I think my attitude also steams from the fact that I NEED to be here... I'm receiving pressure from DH to keep this job,  keep my head up, really work at what I do because of the extra income I bring in and the FREE insurance I receive for my family.  I don't think that he's doing this intentionally...just as 'matter of fact' - ly.  If that makes sense.  But sometimes it really makes me hate what I do evenmore because of this pressure. ...
Well, I finally had the talk with my boss today that I had posted about before Christmas "We need to talk about your job".  He brought to my attention a couple of mistakes that I had made a few weeks back that some of the guys in the office had a problem with and have talked about my approach to things, how I lack the luster of wanting to do this and that, and just my attitude overall.    I work in a highly competitive, fast paced office environment that can be...
I realize this, but I like to hear about what other party favors parents have done at parties or crafty ideas.  We like to go all out for big birthday's and to us, 5 is a big deal - big year.
Yeah, I've seen those on Ebay and such.  That, the book, little duckie and some superhero fruit snacks that I KNOW I've seen at Target will work great.    Love the ideas! Keep 'em coming! :)
I found these: http://www.amazon.com/Super-Friends-Flying-High-Reading/dp/0375852085/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_c.  Perfect!
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