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I ate one string cheese in early labor, drank coconut water, tried apple juice - too sweet, switched back to coconut water. I didn't want to eat, but labor was short, overnight (meaning I don't normally eat then anyway), and I threw up twice which added to not wanting to eat. Now after I ate a lot! 
Just checking in on everyone. Sending labor vibes!!    AFM: DH seems to be on the mend from the mono, but it is hard for him to take it easy so I am hoping for him to not overdo things and get feeling worse again. We are on week 3 of the mono which is the least amount of time they say the sick feeling lasts. Layla is doing well, but only wants to sleep on mama these days. DS is adjusting slowly (but is very sweet to Layla) and most of my tears are over his melt downs. 
Congratulations! I cannot wait to read your story and see pictures :) 
Congratulations! She is so sweet looking!!
Loved your story!
Love the name! Congratulations!
Congratulations! She is a cutie!
On Thursday night as we were getting ready for bed I joked with DH that I thought our baby would come on Friday because it was the least convenient for everyone involved  Secretly I also felt the baby so much lower than before and could tell the baby had dropped, even though I thought the baby was low for a few weeks this was different. We went to bed at at 11 pm I woke up having a contraction. I was able to go back to sleep and at midnight I woke up again having a...
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