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I told DH I didn't want to. We did a little (15 minutes) of research together and he agreed. Since then I have become much more vocal about it and he is happy we didn't circ DS, but doesn't understand my passion for the issue.
I got a upholstered glider for the nursery. I have nursed there and like it, but mostly nurse on the couch or the bed.
We flew to NY from CO for my sister's graduation and I took my pump. I carried DS in sling and a diaper bag. DH carried a diaper bag, carseat, and the pump. We had no issues once the luggage was checked getting through the airport. Give yourself a little extra time and you should be fine. Also if you plan to bring any milk back with you print out the TSA policy in case you get a screener who is not in the know, you can bring more then 3 oz of BM on the plane.
Is there a way to report inappropriate private messages?
I am in my first full week back to work (third week back overall). I am pumping three times a day. At first I tried to pump at the same time everyday, but sometimes work gets in the way. I am still pumping three times overall, but spaced out anywhere from 2.5 hours to 4 hours apart. Do you think over time not pumping at the same time every day will cause issues? I figure we never fed on a schedule, we nurse when DS shows hunger cues and that can be anywhere to every...
Hello! I am a mom to a 3 month old intact son. I knew if we had a boy I would not circ him. My dad is not and my mom had talked with me about it growing up. When we found out we were having a boy I showed the research to DH, who gladly agreed we would not do that to our child. Now the more research I do the worse I feel about it being done to any boy.
I have the Medela Pump In Style Advance. So far, so good, and you can buy a car adapter if you need to pump in the car. For a hands free bra I use a sports bra with a small hole cut in each side.
DH installed DS carseat in the middle of the back seat of his Jeep. He had it checked at the firehouse today. They basically told him we needed to level it better and gave us the pool noodle, but they couldn't do it for us since the manufactuer of the car doesn't say you can put the seat in the middle, but the tech at the firestation told us it is the safest location. Anyone know if there is any issue with having the seat in the middle? We are using the LATCH if that makes...
I was at the drugstore buying some Soothies during the very rough and sore start to breastfeeding. The checkout lady, who was an older women, smiled at me and told me I was doing a very good thing and to hang in there, she breastfed both her kids for two years and she knew I could do it. It really helped me that day. :
Hi, new here and nak. My mom nursed me until I self weaned (per her) around a year. DH was a FF baby as that was what you did in the mid 70s. My mom has been very supportive through all our challenges. MIL really hasn't said anything except asking when we plan to give solids as they gave them to DH at a month old!!! I just quoted AAP recommendation of nothing but BM for six months and then FIL said it helped DH sleep - but neither of them pushed it. No one is close to...
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