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Congratulations! I am glad you are both doing well! 
Good luck mama!!
Regarding seats on transport and rude comments - I really think people just don't think or are completely self absorbed. Yesterday at the grocery store DS ran away twice from me and by ran I mean full on sprint laughing his head off. (We were late for his nap so cue the misbehavior). I am sprinting after him and some guy pushes his cart in between me and the row DS just ran down, umm hello 39 week (almost 40 week) pregnant women, I am not running for nothing here buddy...
Congratulations, he is so cute! I am sorry that your birth was traumatic :( 
Starling - Congrats! He and your DD are so cute! I am sorry to hear about the birth and hope you are healing well.    Karli - I am so sorry. Really at this point all you should be doing is taking care of you and the baby. Easier said than done I know. I too had to pump a ton with my DS and it was very time consuming. Luckily DH and my mom took care of most of the other stuff, but I still felt pressure (self imposed) to "keep" up. It will not always be like...
Congratulations! Sending you love and healing!
He is beautiful and I love that you took charge!! 
Congratulations! He is a sweetie! 
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