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What do you mean, reacting to my reaction?
Thanks, that's what I needed to hear!
Has anyone experienced this? I don't know if it even makes sense, or if it's what we are seeing here. My daughter just turned 2. She was pretty miserable for the first 11 months of her life... constant runny nose/cough, constipation even while exclusively breastfed, and poor night sleeping due to gas pains in tummy. She refused a bottle or I would have switched to allergen-free formula pretty early on. We were dairy free from about 4 months on, which helped somewhat, but...
I use the bread recipe from glutenfreegoddess with an egg substitute. (Not that I've tried a ton, but it is decent.) We're not rice-free but it doesn't have rice in it. http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2009/02/delicious-gluten-free-bread.html. I also use gluten free oats, and you can make no-bake cookies or fruit-crisp with that.
I'd love to upgrade to a king bed so we have more room for our kids (my 3.5 yr old mostly sleeps in his own bed, but I don't think my 9-month old is going to be spending a full night in her own bed for a while!)  We have a queen right now.  I'm thinking about a futon - Jay Gordon's book says it's great for a family bed because it doesn't have springs, but is it comfortable? Do you use regular sheets on it, or do you need to use futon covers? Is it a lot different than a...
  My 8-month old DD has had a runny nose since she was two months old.  I eliminated dairy and soy, and I thought it got better, but now it seems to be still hanging around, and I don't know what it's from.  Maybe not even food-related, I'm thinking.  I don't think I can do a full elimination diet.  Her pediatrician suggested Singulair - she thinks there is some evidence that Singulair positively affects the immune system, and might even help avoid allergies later....
Oh my gosh I didn't even think about having to remove the Moby wrap for security!  Eek!  I can't take that on and off without setting her down... PatioGardener & trumpcard - how did you do that? I don't have an ergo but I have a baby bjorn.  Maybe that would be easier... although not as comfortable for me.  Leaning towards the stroller now...   Bethany
Thanks! She's only about 14 lbs, so not as heavy as yours, but I still wonder if I'll be like "get this baby off me!" by the time I get there if I just use the moby, lol.... I dread lugging the stroller around, especially if she is wanting to be carried.... I still can't decide!  I think I have the best chance of getting her to nap in the moby... I'd hate to have to carry her and push an empty stroller at the same time. 
I'm flying (alone) with my 7-month old next month. Short flight, layover, another short flight. I leave my city about noon and arrive at my destination about 5. I'm trying to decide if I need a stroller, or if it would be easier to just carry her in my moby. I did not purchase a seat for her. Any thoughts? Bethany
  My 5.5 month old DD is in daycare tues-wed-thurs and doesn't take a bottle.  On work days, I nurse her at 7:45 AM, at lunchtime at 12:30 PM, and at pickup at 4:15 PM. (And lots of times before & after work.)  So I'm working roughly 8:15a-4p with a lunch break, which isn't really enough hours to fulfill my job.  I'm trying to figure out how/when I can drop either the morning or the lunchtime feed.  (If I drop the 7:45 AM feed, my husband could drop off and I could get...
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