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I am finally getting over a series of colds and I have had several throat tickles that turn into coughing fits that also include...thanks to being pg...puking and peeing my pants. Woo-hoo...who says pregnancy isn't a barrel of laughs
DS, who is four, often gets overwhelmed and has trouble focussing on picking up...especially in the evening. One thing that helps him is very specific instructions, like "Please put the red car in the car box." Once he has picked up a few things, I can be less specific, like asking him to pick up a certain number of things or several things of the same type. For him, the getting started is the most difficult and if I help with that he gains momentum and just keeps...
I am working on my second soaker with SWS (for baby coming in Sept) and just love it. I am completely taken by the colors and the way they change. Unfortunately, I won't know how it works and holds up until fall
I have notice more differences between this pg and my two others, than between DD and DS. I am almost 17 weeks and still not really showing (unless you count my butt and thighs and I'm pretty sure that's not actual baby ), but I started this pg about 30 lbs lighter than either of my previous pg. In fact, I am still fitting in my regular jeans, though they feel pretty snug by the end of the day.
I could have totally written this post. In fact, my four-year-old is standing with his hand down his pants this minute. So, no real advice, just lots of empathy! We have mostly been concentrating on breaking this habit in public for now. It has finally gotten to the point where I can just remind him "Hands?" and he will remember (well, for at least 15-20 seconds . Unfortunately, some "little boys" don't seem to outgrow it. More often than not, when DH is reading...
Quote: Originally Posted by cdc As my husband reminds me each time "your stress while in pain hurts the baby too." so, take the medication and rest a little bit knowing you are not hurting your baby. : I don't have migraines, but debated long and hard before deciding to continue Rx meds during my three pregnancies. What it came down to for me was that taking care of mama is an extremely important part of taking care of baby.
Quote: Originally Posted by thewaggonerfamily Sometimes I could kick a hole inthe floor it hurts so much when she latches on. : I am tandeming a 2yo and 4yo.
I occasionally have trouble tightening (even with the key) when I have either sweaty hands or really dry skin on my fingers. I think holding the needles with a rubber glove or one of those rubber thingies for getting tight lids off would solve the problem. I haven't actually gotten around to trying it, but thought I would throw it out there...
near Cleveland, it looks like
The other night DH brought home a bag of Fritos and a can of bean dip. My first reaction was totally disgusted, but after he gave me one bite I could NOT keep my hands off of them. And don't even talk to me about the bag of girl scout cookies he brought home...
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