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I've been trying to pay attention to baby position the last few days and this sure is one active little bean who is constantly spinning...I am starting to wonder if some of the round ligament pains and heaviness/uncomfortableness I am feeling isn't linked to baby position? I have times where I almost seem to get spasms and I almost can't stand up straight because the area at the bottom of my belly is so tight and sore...it seems to coincide with times where the baby is...
This is my fourth and I am feeling a lot this time...I'm not sure if it is more than previous ones or if I am just more sensitive to it because I had a bleed at 13 weeks and am a bit paranoid as a result. I'm also doing the spinning babies exercises, they do help!
Sorry mama, you have my sympathies, I am also feeling sick again, it's an awful feeling I must say I do notice that it is much worse when I am tired, so maybe try take it easy and rest!
We didn't find out with our first three and we won't be finding out this time either.   We don't find out for most of the reasons everyone insists we need to I don't care about gender based clothes & decorating - it's a baby and looks cute in anything, and I can always shop/decorate more after baby is here, and anyway the all blue, or all pink thing is not for me anyway. I don't like to name in the womb, I like to meet first. I like to bond with the person, not their...
Piratemere - those are beautiful, I do hope you manage to write up the pattern, I would love to try my hand at it!   lactatinggirl - the capris are very cute
Piratemere - Thank you for the pattern recommendation and the pictures, your nephews are just precious and I will definitely give the patterns a go!  The dress is also so lovely...we won't be finding out the sex but perhaps if I have time I should crochet a little dress for in case, I could always gift it on if we don't need it   farmes94 - The bear is just knitted and I stuffed him very firmly.  It was a quick and easy knit, I'm hoping to do a few more to use as...
Congratulations and wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
I'm still busy crocheting up squares for my baby blanket but am nearly there, just a few to go before I start putting it all together. I did take a break from the crochet hook to knit up this little guy   I do want to knit or crochet some newborn hats for the birth but I haven't had much success in the past, does anyone have a recommendation for a pattern with a nice fit for newborn size?
For sinus relief I do a sinus massage to get everything moving, then use a neti pot with a saline solution and afterwards put a few drops of colloidal silver up my nose.   Hope you feel better soon!
I have 3 young children so this has happened a lot to me. The baby has always been fine but I find I've become naturally protective over my bump to try minimise bumps and hurts to me
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