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Hi Can anyone recommend a dentist in the Edmonton area?
My hubby wears the baby in the baby bjorn whenever we go grocery shopping. Baby loves it, makes life easier as he can tend to the other 2 kids and carry baby while I pick out groceries ;) All of my babies have loved being in the bjorn. Hubby loves it too but I find it really hard on my shoulders.   I LOVE my moby wrap. Much easier to put wrap then I thought it would be, and baby feels so snug and secure and my shoulders don't ache from wearing it.....I could wear it all...
Thanks for responding Talldarkeyes. UTI and Mastitis, you poor mama! I hope your resting and healing!   With my previous babies, I had no spotting or bleeding whatsoever after my lochia ended until my period returned when my babies were 5months old. The bleeding stopped later the same day I posted lol and hasen't started up again yet so who knows what that was lol
I had my little guy 9 weeks ago, lochia completely stopped around 4 weeks. Had my 6 week check, everything looked great. A week later (7 weeks PP) I started bleeding red again. I assumed it was my period returning but I only bled red for a few days, never changed color and went away completely. Now I am 9 weeks PP and have been bleeding red for 5 days this time, It's not super heavy but definitely more then spotting. (Moderate flow maybe?) hasent changed color, there are...
First labour: about 12hrs pre labour 8 hours active labour (including almost 2hrs pushing) baby normal presentation. Third degree tear Second: no pre labour 3.5 hours active labour. 3 pushes in 6 mins. Baby was posterior and stayed OP the entire labour despite attempts to rotate baby. This was hands down my easiest and least painful labour despite baby's position. Second degree tear. Third labour: day of false labour, on again off again week contractions followed by...
Awe, more DDC babies born, so exciting!
Look at those eyes!
Holy smokes, that sounds intense! Glad you both are doing so well. Beautiful beautiful family and new baby
Awe what a sweet little face! Love!
She's beautiful and awesome news about no tearing!
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