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Congratulations momma! I'm so glad you and baby are healthy.
I had my baby this morning at 4:47, another beautiful boy and we are so in love. Will post birth story as soon as we are settled a bit
Thank you! Unfortunately after a couple hours of uncomfortable contractions that never really got close together, they just teetered off. i am just uncomfortable and crampy right now. false labour I guess
I'm in early labour, contractions are about 6-8 mins appart but very weak, lasting about 30seconds...
Good Luck Wrenmoon!
You've done a great job so far mama!
4 days to go until my EDD...
Great job, those are awesome sizes!
We don't bathe our babies in the hospital either. I like them to smell like me and don't see the need to stress them out so soon after birth either. My baby's haven't had any vertex left by the time they were delivered but if they would have, I would have rubbed it into their skin as its an awesome moisturizer for babies skin. I delay cord clamping and do immediate skin to skin and breast feeding after birth. I don't have a problem with PKU testing, it's super quick and...
Wonderful news and beautiful family
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