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You can change their minds by getting that blood pressure down.     I'm on my 4th pregnancy and I had gestational high blood pressure with the first baby one week before delivery.  The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th one I knew it was coming and when my BP started to rise to 130/80 in the 2nd trimester, I went on a strict low sodium diet (aimed for 1000mg/day), took a 500mg potassium supplement with each meal (ie, 3 times a day) in addition to eating foods high in potassium, took...
I'm on number four and we only expected to have 3 so we gave everything away.  Here is what we are doing:   If you plan on cloth diapering, you'll have to go up one size than current because of your baby's "bubble butt" in pants, onsies, and jumpers/bodysuits.    Some of the European brands actually compensate for this with extra fabric in the tushy. All of my kids followed the same growth patterns and were 5-6 pounds heavier 3 months after birth.  None of...
I feel that any vaccine that can't be administered to an infant at birth isn't going to be given to me while I was pregnant.    Since the DTaP can't be given to a baby until they are 6 weeks old, I turned down the vaccine.  Plus, I had this vaccine two years ago so I would be more concerned with people in my family being up-to-date with this vaccine including siblings, husband, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even friends.
I wear my child for Security and Freedom.  We are both secure in knowing where each other is at all times because of he/she is touching me the entire time, and the freedom to move around and perform tasks that I couldn't do with a stroller or putting my baby in a car seat.    
I've had 3 previous pregnancies.  With all 3 I get: high blood pressure in the 3rd timester.  It does not become pre-eclampsia because I manage it with a low salt diet and potassium supplements. mild polyhydramnios around week 32 which is ideopathic my pregnancies go past term to 42 weeks (I consider this a problem only because it is a problem with the doctors who think 40 weeks is the cliff we have to be pushed off of) large babies - last one was 10.4#...
Have you tried searching based on the terms, "Placenta fold over" or "placenta disorders"?     I tried this and it yielded results that sort of sound like what you described above.   I hope the best for you and your baby.      
Those flu swabs only have a sensitivity rate of 50-70%.  You could still have the flu (I'd take both of my kids in with the same symptoms and one would test positive and the other wouldn't!).  You could also have a bacterial infection.  Did they swab you for a culture?       I remember how hard it was to be pregnant during cold and flu season with my last baby!  I must have gotten sick every 3-4 weeks in the last half of my gestation.   I hope you recover quickly,...
I used to go to the gym 3-4 times a week.  I haven't gone in two months because of the morning sickness.  Now I've gained 5 pounds in just a few short weeks!   Its important I try to keep my weight down because I am going to VBAC a second time and my last baby was 10lbs 4 oz!  I'm hoping to return to the gym in a few weeks when the morning sickness tapers off.
My morning sickness gets worse throughout the day.    I didn't have it with #1-2, a little heartburn with #3, and this one is full on.  I'll only get close to throwing up if I don't eat a snack which tells me it gets worse as my blood sugar drops.
(What everyone else said).   Don't stress out on this but monitor your body while you are sick.   High fever, problems catching your breathe, can't get out of bed - see a doctor.    I had the H1N1 swine flu 7 months pregnant with my son in 2009 and it got through it will sleep, fluids, elderberry, oscillococcinum and nutrition.  PS-  I went to 42 weeks to the day, like my first baby so it didn't  affect the outcome of my child's delivery.
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