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I am constantly tormented by it. It's like a worm in my brain.
It's on where I live right now (Friday). Wow! I have only watched the first segment so far and I already feel the adrenaline in my body, I feel so strongly about this.
This is something we always had to deal with, and still do, to some extent because we came to realize that our son has some kind of sensory-seeking tendencies (i.e. Sensory Processing Disorder or something like it). Much DID improve with age, as his ability to have impulse control has improved. But we still wrestle with it a bit here at home. It seems that there isn't a single emotion that he doesn't want to express with his hands or body!   The reason I bring it up...
There's an outbreak among the vaccinated kids?
My DS (just turned 9) is homeschooled and hasn't been formally diagnosed but he does have sensory issues; at Sunday School this did come up a few times and the teacher always was willing to problem-solve with us, for example when the class suddenly started to sing and my son sort of freaked out and wanted to run out of the room. And he's one of those who is always in motion and does have certain "tics" occasionally, but he's bright, verbal, creative, funny and...
Words to live by!    
You probably will. I have an annual thing where I suddenly realize that EVERYTHING looks and feels more hopeful, and my energy's back, and I realize....it's spring! I had been in the annual winter pit of doom but didn't realize it till I was OUT.   Happens every year without fail!    
"Bad mom" is an all-encompassing and debilitating label. Like so many labels, it accuses, it damns, it stops discussion and growth. And it serves no purpose except to belittle and shame. Because think of it...human beings are fluid creatures, always changing, learning, growing (or regressing). There is no fixed thing called a "bad mom."   Being freed from the label can free you to look at your practices, and how they measure up in your eyes. Not against a "good mom"...
I agree; they sound very unprofessional.   I can sympathize with your husband. My own face has sort of a downturned look to my mouth, so people have often accused me of disapproving of them when I wasn't. I have to overtly smile all the time if I want to get my mouth to be straight across and not look unhappy.   The daycare people don't come across as very mature or thoughtful. Anyone educated knows that that it matters what we choose to see in any given...
New Posts  All Forums: