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I have been looking into them, they are covered by my insurance and I don't mind the drive at all! Might be a good option! THANKS!
I would go to the court and ask for a simple support order (which wont be much if he has no income) and a set visitation schedule that maps out who/what/where/when and how. Any deviation of that plan can be reported if need be, and it will lay the groundwork for the full custody (which you should have, by the way) you eventually want to have. I know it's a pain in the neck and uncomfortable, but you need to get to it or this will just drag on and on. And it's not right...
Where are you located?
Of course you can go to court about it! The course of action varies from state to state, you will have to go down to the courthouse and ask them what the procedures are, but the fact that he is not providing any financial support gives you some leverage. Where we live, even if the mother and father are not married, the custodial parent can go to court to get a support order and visitation "benefits" are based on whether or not the other half is holding up their side of the...
I saw this on my Newsfeed this morning....simply horrible. 
We've probably all felt like this from time to time....stress, hormones, being at home with kids all the time - especially kids with special needs. The only thing I can tell you is this, when you feel like you just want to curl up and do nothing -DON'T. Force yourself to get up, take a shower, put on some "real" clothes (not the "I'm sitting around the house in my sweatpants all day" outfit we all love so much) and do something - anything. Of course, in an ideal world you...
I know this is too late at this point, but I do that all the time - pull it out of the fridge and reheat on the "low" setting.
I make this awesome pasta salad that could be changed up to fit whatever you like. I use brown rice pasta bowties (I know you said no rice, so you could just use regular wheat pasta) and then I roasted a ton of different veggies in my oven - peppers, asparagus, onions, etc. then slice them up and toss with the pasta a top with whatever dressing you want. I use Goddess, which would be a no-no for you I think, but any dressing you like would do. If you like curry, you could...
How about a veggie chili, vegan quiche, or "veggie pockets" (any veggies you want in a whole wheat pita)? 
Bumping this up, hoping to find the same thing in the Sullivan County area. I've gone through all the area pediatricians I can find and have come up empty. We don't have a whole lot of anything out here and any information would be greatly appreciated.
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