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Heritage Birth Center in Anchorage has a CNM that can do HBAC. Also check the Anchorage ICAN FB group.
There is a website, anchoragedoulas.info that has a great listing. Also Autumn Otts, you can find her on FB.
Thanks, that helps! I was trying to go by multiplying a recipe but it ended up with like 60 lbs of bones! LOL
I'm ordering bones along with my meat this year and need to figure out how many pounds to get. They're really good organic beef bones and I want to replace water/commercial stock with broth from now on. I have a family of 5 and would use 2-3 quarts a week at least. Thanks for your help!
It does sound like things are really difficult right now, and stressful events can make you more susceptible to developing PPD. It would be great if you could get some help, either with therapy, or nutritionally/herbally, and also with getting a break from the kids to just have a moment to breathe. Can your mom help you with the kids for a few days? Just come over and make food, hold the baby when she's not needing to nurse, and play with your older daughter?    I...
My first son was born by c-section after an induction and then "failure to progress" after pushing for two hours. He was so far down that my husband touched his hair, but the Drs started going on about risks for a big baby, he just wasn't going to come out, etc. He was 9lbs 15oz. My second son was born at home, after just a few hours of labor and only three contractions of "for real" pushing, and was 9lbs 14 oz, with a bigger head than my first. I'm 5"2 by the way, so...
Speaking of which, are anyone's babies sleeping weird? Some nights he just doesn't want to nurse and I still wake up constantly to see if he does when he's making grunting sounds (we cosleep). I know he's not starving - he's probably over 16lbs now at 9w, but it's really confusing me!
That's what I'm always afraid of when they ask if I want layers! I say yes, but don't make me look like Jennifer Aniston during Friends! haha
What would cause spotting at 9w pp? My baby is still exclusively breastfed, but he did have an 8hr stretch of sleep w/o feeding the night before the spotting came on. I also started exercising a week ago, like 40 min on the eliptical most nights. My period didn't come back until 11mos pp w/my first who I breastfed, and I haven't had any other bleeding since 6w. Is it just some weird hormone thing going on?
I went out and got my first professional haircut in a year when baby was about five weeks old (he's 9 weeks now) and it was the best my hair ever looked! I stopped by my husband's work to show him my hair, just because I knew it would never look that good again until I get some serious flat-ironing lessons. I have straight hair but it's so thick and crazy now from the pregnancy. The haircut still looks really nice when I blow dry it and put in a little product though, so...
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