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Hi Tracy! Congratulations! My due date is officially 11/27, but I went two weeks over last time, so I'd like to avoid all that "overdue" pressure and hang out in this due date club too.
This is it. As you can see from the picture, it will not work for the whole pregnancy, but it's pretty tight but stretchy since it's microfiber. I'm wearing it for the third day in a row and it's really long so it works great as an under-layer. http://www.motherhood.com/Product.as...tegory_Id=MC12
When I suck in my stomach it hurts around my uterus. Like deep inside my abdomen in my pelvis but more in the front. I notice it when I move my hips side to side or forward too. Is that normal round ligament pain? It's only been a couple years but I can't remember!
Also, the miscarriage rate that they gave you is pretty much the rate for ANY pregnancy at this point, so it doesn't really mean anything extra for you above and beyond what chance you would normally have.
This maternity tank top I got is kind of smoothing everything out, so my belly isn't as noticeable. It's a one size fits all thing but there is now way someone who was 6 months could get this on! I also got rid of all my old maternity clothes because by the time I had my son they were either covered in food stains or I was just sick of wearing them and so ready to get back into normal clothes! I have a lot of open long cardigan sweaters that I can wear and I think...
I'm only 4.5 weeks and I can't fit into any of my pants! Ok, I can fit into one pair, but that's it. I went and got a really stretchy maternity tank top today to use as a bella band/camisole so I can go unbuttoned without my pants falling down. I know it's just being bloated but still, dang! Is anyone else having this problem yet? This is only my second baby, but I remember wearing regular pants til 11 weeks with my first.
The smell of melted cheese. Oh man, just thinking about it! Yuck!
I'm 4wks 4 days and feeling something similar. It was off and on light cramps for the last week and this morning as I was fast walking to work it was more of a tightness. I'm assuming it's implanting/burrowing and ligaments stretching.
It sounds like you really don't like this place. I'd say keep looking around, and if you find someone else they can always refer you to an ultrasound business (I'm not sure what they're called exactly) to get your 20 week ultrasound.
At 17DPO I'm still temping, but I think I'll stop tomorrow. It makes me feel better to wake up and see my temperature hasn't dropped a ton because with all the on and off cramping it feel kind of like AF will start.
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